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Friendly player here!

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Bucakey    0

Hello everyone! I'm Hardcore Cutie, or Cutie for short! I'm looking for some new friends to play with (on the xbone) and stumbled across this site. 


I would love to make some friends that are chatty and don't take the game too seriously. I'm not a very competitive player, I like more relaxed folks. :) 


I'm in my best element when playing on green run on BO2. Feel free to say hi.

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NaBrZHunter    492

Hey! Welcome to the forum! You'll find we love to chat out here. LOL! We're definitely the deepest-thinking Zombies forum on the web, and while that applies to Zombies (especially in the story department), you should see the off-topic forum. XD Even that stays active. 

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