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New Zombie Chronicles Dynamic PS4 Theme

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Blurryface    142

Today we got a little present from Treyarch as part of there "8 days" thing they have going on. 


PS4 players can now pick up  a FREE ZC dynamic theme from the PS Store.


I personally love the theme as it is the zombie hands with all of the ZC maps inside them with animations. It also plays some sweet zombie music. I'll post a short video clip below just as a rough look at it as I ain't no recording expert.


But do definitely pick this up before is gone as I am sure this is for a limited time! :23:


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Blurryface    142
8 hours ago, Lenne said:

Am I a bad person for prefering this one over the one we got for pre ordering?

Well if it makes you a bad personal then so am I xD

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