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I'm going to warn you now man before other people jump in and up you about this. Change the title. I see you are a new member so you probably don't understand. I can tell you now, we've had to deal with people speculating about an Easter Egg on The Giant and it's becoming annoying. It is merely a remake. Which means the only Easter Egg on the map is the Flytrap. Make sure when you name threads in the future, don't name it like what you are talking about is confirmed, especially if you yourself are uncertain. Try something like, "Has anyone else seen this on The Giant?" Or something along those lines. I can say with almost 99% certainty there is no Easter Egg. There might be in a future patch after the fourth DLC as some people have speculate. But other than that there is nothing. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but you needed to know.

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