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Can someone explain to me why i can't get all my perks?

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Idk why for some reason i can't get any of the perks i dig. My friend always get them. When i see the bottle i walk into it, i tried pressing square but nothing happens it just disappears and i get no perks. Why? Am i missing something?

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mralways1    14

After you walk into the perk bottle, it enables 1 more perk slot. You then have to purchase a perk. Try it this way - do not get double tap from wonder fizz or the free double tap out of the challenge box, only have 4 perks when you dig up and get your perk bottle, then go get any perk besides double tap. If you always get your double tap as your 5th perk, seeing as its free, it uses up your first dig up, and limits your perk slot to only 8 total. If you want them all, dig up 4 perk bottles, and fill them all, so you now have 8 total. Then get your free double tap, and you will have 9. But if you go down, you'll still only have 8 total perk slots If on solo, 8 is enough seeing as cherry cola hurts your reviving/recovery chances.

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