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Operation Vulture, Chapter 1: The Briefing

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Hey guys it's Bus, getting back into the 'Zombie Stories' again.

I've had this idea going for a while, but haven't had time to finish until recently :lol:

I'll try and add a chapter at least once a month.

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Operation Vulture

Mr. Clark straightened his tie as he strode through the hall heading to the assignment room. Richard Clark was an agent for the CIA, and one of the best. At only 32, he had an impressive field record behind him in clandestine operations in hostile territory. Though for the last year and half he had mainly spent his time behind a desk in the office. He was actually somewhat eager about returning to the field, as one might imagine sitting at a desk filing out papers and documents was not the most fitting position for field professional like himself.

At the door he took a moment to straighten his tie and hair one last time and modestly stepped into the office. Around the desk he was surprised to see some of the faces. Two of whom included the Director and Secretary of Defense.

“Have a seat Mr. Clark, we have very important matters to discuss with you.”

Richard gave a quick nod of compliance and sat into his seat along the table. The Secretary stood up from his seat and pressed a button on the projector.

“This footage you are about to see is from a Lockheed Sentinel drone flying a reconnaissance mission over a remote region in Russia in it’s Far-East sector. The exact location does not have an official name and will be referred to as ‘Capulus’.”

With that the film began to roll. The images were somewhat blurry and in black-white thermal imagery. You could make out some sort of prison like yard with large building connecting to the North side of the yard. As the camera zoomed in on the location we were able to make out the Russian soldiers standing out in the yard. We saw a gate shift and a guard walking with a man who appeared to be in some sort of restraints. But oddly, he had no thermal signature…The guard left and went behind the gate which closed again. The man just stayed there motionless. Then two Russian soldiers could be seen dragging a dog to the pen which the restrained man was trapped in. The Russians dragged him to the gates and opened them one more time tossing the canine in and slamming the gate shut, and he leaped toward the gate.

Then, as if by remote activation the restrained man’s restraints released and he stumbled out of them. He fixated on the dog which had now turned to him. The dog stood it’s ground appearing to warn the man, who kept stumbling towards him. In a fraction of a second the dog pounced the man who grabbed at it. The dog tore away at the man and you could see it tore his hand off, but the man had no reaction and clutched the beast nipping at his throat and appeared to bite into it!

The audience of men, who were all about as warm hearted as the Russian Winter, widened their eyes in shock of this gruesome scene.

The man was now in control of what was once the powerful canine. His able hand clutched his snout unaffected by it’s attacks and thrashed his hand around violently pulling it’s head. After a few seconds the dog fell to the ground, with a faded heat signature. The man had snapped its neck, but he wasn’t finished yet. He dropped down to his knees and began to take bites out of the dog, until he was shot to ‘death’ by the guards. They then came up and cleaned up the site for their next test.

The recording stopped. Everybody in the room took a breath of relief and calmed down after witnessing the footage. The secretary then stood up and moved to the front podium and spoke again.

“The footage you just witnessed was a part of the Russian’s re-animation experiments with Ununpentium, or Element 115. The man you saw without a heat signature was a reanimated corpse. You will be further briefed by our agency records on these experiments with information on this element’s capabilities and the monsters and weapons it creates. The Director and I expect you all to read through those papers in front of you to compile a solid knowledge and understanding of the subject, so we can discuss our plan to destroy their experiments and their research before it gets out of hand, Operation Vulture.

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