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Things Are Different at Night. PHASE 2

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Last time i wrote we sat there. Now, everything has changed. For my family at least. Let me get back to where I left off.

We're sitting there, silent. Not moving, not talking. We only hear one moan. We don't hear anything else. We're to scared to go to a window and look to see if it's dark or at least sunset so we just start whispering. Talking so low we whisper into each other ears just to make sure we're quiet. But, we all know no matter what, if you even almost move they'll find you. Those things out there. And yes, they find us.

We had no idea WHISPERING would be loud enough for them to hear us. Whispering in each other's ears. Even breathing, we're terrified that they'll hear us. Basically, when we say the first word, they're at the door. Wanting in, begging for food. But, not regular food. Our Blood, flesh and brains.

They're hitting the door. Begging for it to open.

Then they barge in.

They all rush through, racing to see who can get the first food, since they've haven't eaten for days. We don't know what to do. We stand up and grab the few weapons we've gathered since the first day this whole nightmare started. We throw the few plates and bowls. Nothing happens. A few grunts and moans as if they're saying "Don't even try to fight out your death" or "Don't resist."


Phase 3 will be coming soon!!!


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Pretty Cool! Each phase should be longer i think...this is the first phase i have read but now i want to go back and read phase 1...keep 'em coming man!

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I liked this one as well,

Also newman, why don't you just EDIT your original post and add Phase 2 below Phase 1? That way you don't keep making new topics and it is all in one place?

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