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  1. More easer egg fails/glitches

    Aaah origins, last night I finally got to the pilot step (im a solo player and this ee is hard) and after I killed him, for some reason I couldn't move and i got swarmed and killed and it was like 10 minutes of glitched fueled rage
  2. I could really use some tips for soloing the ee

    I do try conserve the rounds, and yes, I agree, I know it's a difficult thing to move from being a casual survival player to an easter egg, especially one as complicated as origins. Thanks for the tips! I'll use them and maybe I'll practice more before trying to do this. The furthest I got was rain fire and I got cornered trying to throw the G-Strike and I fucked up the timing so it didn't work Thanks again!
  3. Origins Highest Round

    44 Upgraded fire staff, maxis drone, shield Solo Died due to robot
  4. So I shelled out for origins about two months ago and I'm a decently skilled zombies player, I can hit round thirty with no issues but ffs I just can't seem to get the ee done Like I can't even get past upgrading the staffs because by the time I've got them ready to fill with souls its like round 20 and I've still got to do g-strikes and the soul chests. It's just impossible for me because I'm good at surviving but I'm not efficient with tasks If you guys could be so kind as to just tell me what staff/tasks I should do first and when I should do them, and a couple priorities I'd be mind blowingly happy Thanks in advance Liam
  5. No paralyser in buried

    Hey so I bought all the black ops 2 dlc about 2 weeks ago and I've been playing buried like mad I must have hit the box millions of times by now I see the paralyser there but i have yet to obtain it Am I glitched? Is it because my xbox 360 is offline?? Please help, I really want to use this wonder weapon
  6. Server Auth Fail When Joining A Game Via Tunngle

    I had this issue with t4m, I tried using lanfix but it just kept happening, its t4m that normally causes it, so just move the d3d9.dll to a different folder while you're playing, it only seems to happen to people that don't have it through steam Sucks, I know, all the good maps need t4m but either way there's your fix I hope a workaround comes out soon because there are too many t4m maps i really want to play in co op
  7. Mystery Box Talk

    Yeah the Hunters cabin and nacht is the best ee ever
  8. Mystery Box Talk

    Lol I don't have the dlc maps either, I used to play the dlc on my mega gaming pc before it died, and yes, that is something I've had before, and there's nothing on the storyline I don't know, I've had similar things in bo1, too
  9. Mystery Box Talk

    Lol, it's still random, but it does increase your chance, I'm very sure because this has happened to me and friends before, I think it's called the toybox perma perk and you can google it if you want xtra info, as far as I know its in Die Rise and Buried as well, it's like the red insta kill and perma jug
  10. Mystery Box Talk

    The teddy bear and the flash iis a perma perk that comes from Die Rise but can happen in tranzit, I'm not sure exactly how its acquired, I think it's gotten by spending a set amount of points on the box, it just increases your chances of getting good guns
  11. Mystery Box Talk

    Fack yeah, tranzit really threw us in the deep end
  12. A big THANKYOU to CODZ

    Fuck brah, my sis and I poured countless hours into kino and ive been hooked on zombies since bo1, i still play waw, it really helps with depression as firing obscure weapons at hoards of zombies is a great task to keep my mind busy, so yeah, i have to give a shout out to zombies too And if you're ever interested in doing moon again I'd be happy to play with you some time
  13. Mystery Box Talk

    Everyone hates tranzit but it's not bad at all, I jump the bus at round 3, pointhoard at the diner and hit the box when its absolutely crucial that I get a new gun, it seems the noobs have taken over zombies, its really bad on bo1 as well, like on moon they just run straight for the teleporter instead of running area 51 first, then i have to run around like the fuckin medic because I'm the only one who bothered to get jugg
  14. Mystery Box Talk

    This will be slightly off topic but I agree, my sister and I have been playing zombies since bo1, we went back to waw a while after that and enjoyed all that it had to offer, and we jumped into a tranzit game with some randoms a week ago and its just gotten really bad, we knife till round three, use wall guns till round 5 or 6 and point hoard, and hit the box at rounds 7 and 8, and we hit 30+, but now all I see is nooby mistakes and ridiculously stupid downs, the zombies players aren't what they used to be. Also I am also not a fan of bo3 zombies, I may pick it up when i upgrade to xb1 but i doubt it
  15. No Golden Rod in moon or Shangri La after doing COTD

    Apologies, hit the wrong button, so this means I can't solo these? Can people with the CD version do this, because as far as I know, achivements can only be obtained through the steam version