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  1. Mystery Box Talk

    The teddy bear and the flash iis a perma perk that comes from Die Rise but can happen in tranzit, I'm not sure exactly how its acquired, I think it's gotten by spending a set amount of points on the box, it just increases your chances of getting good guns
  2. Mystery Box Talk

    Fack yeah, tranzit really threw us in the deep end
  3. A big THANKYOU to CODZ

    Fuck brah, my sis and I poured countless hours into kino and ive been hooked on zombies since bo1, i still play waw, it really helps with depression as firing obscure weapons at hoards of zombies is a great task to keep my mind busy, so yeah, i have to give a shout out to zombies too And if you're ever interested in doing moon again I'd be happy to play with you some time
  4. Mystery Box Talk

    Everyone hates tranzit but it's not bad at all, I jump the bus at round 3, pointhoard at the diner and hit the box when its absolutely crucial that I get a new gun, it seems the noobs have taken over zombies, its really bad on bo1 as well, like on moon they just run straight for the teleporter instead of running area 51 first, then i have to run around like the fuckin medic because I'm the only one who bothered to get jugg
  5. Mystery Box Talk

    This will be slightly off topic but I agree, my sister and I have been playing zombies since bo1, we went back to waw a while after that and enjoyed all that it had to offer, and we jumped into a tranzit game with some randoms a week ago and its just gotten really bad, we knife till round three, use wall guns till round 5 or 6 and point hoard, and hit the box at rounds 7 and 8, and we hit 30+, but now all I see is nooby mistakes and ridiculously stupid downs, the zombies players aren't what they used to be. Also I am also not a fan of bo3 zombies, I may pick it up when i upgrade to xb1 but i doubt it
  6. No Golden Rod in moon or Shangri La after doing COTD

    Apologies, hit the wrong button, so this means I can't solo these? Can people with the CD version do this, because as far as I know, achivements can only be obtained through the steam version
  7. No Golden Rod in moon or Shangri La after doing COTD

    Damn it, so I
  8. Okay so I just got bo on pc with all dlc, it's not through steam though, I've just spent hours completing the ee and giving the vril generator to the crew but when I go to Shangri La to do that ee the golden rod doesn't show up in the item slot when I'm playing as Richtofen, it doesn't show on moon either, btw this is all solo, I don't really have any friends because I'm not a fan of people so it'll be upsetting if i cant solo these. Any help would be great, thanks UPDATE I did find this, thought I'd post it here for people having the same trouble, credit to the mod maker https://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=7009.0
  9. Is TranZit an included map

    Thanks everyone, I got bo2 and tranzit really wasn't worth it, waiting until i can get origins
  10. Is TranZit an included map

    Thanks a lot guys, sorry for asking again but is Nuketown zombies an included map too, because if not id be fine to pay for that
  11. Is TranZit an included map

    Hi all, I want to buy bo2 purely for zombies but i can't spend money on dlc yet, is Tranzit an included map like Kino was in bo1 and Shadows was in bo3. If TranZit isn't included, which map(s) is
  12. Weird thing with Kino projector screen

    A weird theory I thought about was that maybe, because space time got ripped when the crew teleported with the dg2, perhaps it teleports the player to an alternate version of the pap room with a projector that has that playing? Then I realized I'm being stupid because of one player teleported to the future why he is able to see the other player and also why's the player in the past able to see the projector, sorry I know this makes little sense but im at school so I font really have time to type
  13. Weird thing with Kino projector screen

    I've thought through similar possibilities, however we've made a sort of breakthrough, it seems to happen when she teleports without me, she hasn't put any film reels in at all. What's interesting is it only happens sometimes, other times it just goes white
  14. Weird thing with Kino projector screen

    Oh I guess maybe it was because she teleported almost instantly after the power was turned on?
  15. Weird thing with Kino projector screen

    That's what I've been trying to figure out, but as far as I can recall we just played like normal, the only thing we did that we don't normally do is we moved the mystery box a lot. I really hope we can figure this out, even the vague possibility of a Kino easter egg is awesome.