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  1. Ok so mabey the loading screen is trying to tell us to go back to mob pf the dead from black ops 2 and look for stuff like anything We could have mist or it could be saying something about revalations with it being in the section of mob of the dead
  2. Treyarch zombies

    Do u think treyarch will continue with the story that they have been or do u think they will change it completly
  3. Ww2 beat thoughts

    If u ever need anyone to play zombies with add me
  4. Ww2 beat thoughts

    Ok i got the beta and loved in other than i think they should do a seperate beta for the zombies and make us chose which one We want more
  5. Ciphers

    Any luck if not im hope on it and see what i can do
  6. Five and Ascension connected: the Illuminati and more

    Yes they are connected have u listend to the phones the red once on asenssions they are from the group of five
  7. WW2 zombies chiper possibly

    Up in the top corner
  8. WW2 zombies chiper possibly

    I found this might be something i messed with the color and found these little scrashes or mabbey just marks
  9. Divinium Now Available!

    Thank you man im new to the site
  10. Divinium Now Available!

    Hoe do Wee get devineom