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  1. Sparton

    This is my own channel where I do Easter egg runs, high round attempts and any challenges you can suggest to me. If you have anything in particular on Black Ops 3 Zombies you want me to try, let me know since I love the challenge. :)
  2. Check out my new book I made yesterday based off Amourshipping! :) PS: My first book. Amour: Season 1 #wattpad https://t.co/2QYwRVEXV6

  3. Wanna Hear A Joke... OK, What Do You Call A Owl Who Is A Gangster... OWL CAPONE  (hope i spelt that right)

  4. Afternoon to all. :)

  5. Gorod Krovi Round 100

    Round 100 On Gorod Krovi!
  6. Gorod Krovi Round 100

    On Friday, 24th of March, I'm going to reach Round 100 on Gorod Krovi. If you're interested in watching, the stream starts at 5PM/UK Time. I'll be streaming on my YouTube Channel on my PS4. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9x9fsvG__-nstvVKNDi-SA Gamertag: SPARTONWARRIOR3 PS: I love challenges, helping others and doing easter egg runs. If you need someone to help you with one of the Easter Egg Quests, message me and we can discuss a time we can play together. :) My ultimate goal is to Reach Round 100 on all Black Ops 3 maps, Revelations is already done.
  7. Gorod Krovi Full Easter Egg Solo Live Stream


    Link: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=FTANfbDU1Ro

  8. Gorod Krovi Solo Easter Egg!

  9. Medal Request Topic

    Thank you so much! :) I'll remember that for next time. :P
  10. Lord Of Shadows

    Nice to meet you man! I've pretty much been playing Zombies around the same amount of time as you. :) If you want to try the Easter Egg's out, I'm sure we can help you. In case you want to tag along with me, my gamertag is: SPARTONWARRIOR3 For PlayStation 4
  11. Hi there, sorry about before. How's your day been?

  12. Medal Request Topic

    It's alright, I've got stressful exams and assignments in College to deal with and I'm starting again this Monday, again it's fine. (You don't have to deal with this yet, if you have something important to work or deal with, take your time. I honestly don't mind. :)
  13. Medal Request Topic

    Sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you, I tried putting all the photo's in one, but my email won't allow me, again, I'm really sorry... :( I didn't mean to annoy you.
  14. Medal Request Topic

    I have a request for this medal: "The Hoff" Photo proof provided below.