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  1. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I have the time but I want everyone else to have the time too. I second this.
  2. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I just prestiged lol gotta rank back up to have all those classic GG available. I can't wait!
  3. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    For whatever the Olympics is, We will need more than a week to do it. Previous winners need to see the post and everyone is on vacation. I really want more than 2 or 3 competitors (even though that would prolly guarantee I lose lol). It would be more fun with more of the monthly winners participating.
  4. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    So assuming @RequixEclipse did not beat me that puts @sushine1 and I at a tie? We both previously won so I am fine with that. I see a trend that I only win months when I played the most whenever there is actual competition I am not on top lol
  5. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Yea I saw your upload and skipped to the end so see the wave. well done. I needed to have a smarter train. My second box was thunder
  6. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Once again RNG smiles upon me. Had a great run!
  7. Point Hoarding Guide

    This may sound cynical but when playing with randoms I have kind of given up on trying to force teamwork. It requires too much effort for it to usually fall upon deaf ears. Usually my online randoms games go like this- Wave 1-5 I and someone else who knows what they are doing get most of the kills, open doors, get guns. The other two are noobs and one goes down. By wave 10 the good player and I have perks and maybe a papped gun and we have tried to help the two noobs find jugg and a good wall weapon but they may just suck too bad. By wave 20 the two noobs have downed so many times they have just quit and the good player and I finish it out and friend each other. I had a guy once on the Giant not know how to play. like at all. He didn't know how to buy a wall weapon and had been running around with an empty pistol for a couple rounds.
  8. WWII Nazi Zombies - Discussion

    I am compiling information sources HERE
  9. WWII Zombies Trailer and Info!

    OP updated! Perks work like permanent unlocks for your character and there are 4 classes you can be. Sounds like a linear level up system for each class. This is Huge. This means that once you rank up, you acquire permanent perks, making future plays easier. This means it will most likely be very difficult to start. I can see us having to play one part of the map multiple times to rank up to be able to survive other areas.
  10. Mystery Box Talk

    Your extended experience seems valuable. very interesting. The only way to scientifically test your theory would be a lot of testing and restarting with a big spreadsheet on hand.
  11. Point Hoarding Guide

    although this would work solo or with a well coordinated team, when playing with randoms it is a crap shoot. I grab the m14 round 1 and stand in the middle to steal all the kills. Same on Der Riese.
  12. Between Heaven and Earth

    Here is my answer to #1. I read a lot of @NaBrZHunter's post and although I don't think I disagree with anything I think the answer is much simpler. 1. When you say things like "A normal person who has not killed someone will go to Hell if he does not believe in God and Jesus, even while he has not sinned. He has killed no one. If there would be only good people like him on Earth, God did not even needed to sacrifice his son." I think the definition of "sin" is where the confusion comes from. Sin is anything against God, even down to thoughts. Earlier in this thread I think I explained it well: "I believe the root of this question is in what hakes someone bad enough to not deserve heaven. Murder? Mass Murder? Or simply the thought of murder? In the Bible (Matt 5:21) Jesus said that to think of murdering someone is murder in your heart. It is all a sin. Only one sin is required to be not fit for Heaven, which is why Jesus lived the sinless life and took all our punishment. Everyone has sinned (Romans 3:23) so nobody is truly good. That is why we all need Jesus to get to Heaven." So back to your question, everyone is a sinner and needs Jesus. Yes it is odd that there are probably people in heaven right now who did terrible things. Look at Paul for example. He was named Saul before he became a Christian and hunted Christians down to kill them. No joke, that was his career. After his conversion he became one of the most influential people in the early church, writing much of the New Testament. In the end, we are saved by our Faith, not our works. I'll leave my previous answers in here just for keeping them in one place. 5. I have. Two different ways. One is in worship. A couple times I really got into the moment and you could just feel His spirit. It is very hard to explain but I am never the only one who noticed during those particular worship sessions. (churches I go to have more contemporary worship) The second is when God uses something or someone to speak directly to me. It will sound strange if you have never experienced it. It is always when something is really on my heart I am asking or praying about and something will stand out to me that shouldn't. Like I will be flipping through my Bible on my way to where I am going to read and a sentence from another part will jump off the page and apply directly to my current situation or problem. Or someone at a bible study will be sharing and then one of their sentences does the same thing. They have no idea but their words were exactly perfect of a response to my situation, unknown to them.
  13. Zombies World Championship

    I wish I was close enough to go. My in-laws are visiting that weekend so I will have to wait and watch the recording...
  14. Website update

    Looks sleek!
  15. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    To keep track of participants, use this link to see each player standing. Although the current system on Challonge states that players will go up against one another, scores will actually be inputted based on highest round/score obtainable throughout each challenge. The stats on Challonge are not reflective of true scores - they are only to show how many participants have entered and what they scored in. These scores will not be reflected until the very end of the month. To see the true results of each challenge, use the following link(s) below: Ancient Trials August 2017 Tournament This spreadsheet will display each player's scores per challenge, and also include the Top 3 slayers of the monthly tournament. Use this as your reference for overall scoring, not the Challonge brackets. New update: Players are now allowed to submit their own scores on the Challonge website. This is due to an increased demand in other players wanting to see the scores of others. All scores will be corrected and reviewed upon end of the challenge week. The challenge will end August 12th at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. To submit your results, please click here to complete the submission form. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether! @sushine1 I would love to see how far you would get on Shang even now just for fun! This seems like a great final challenge! The two best training spots involve the help door remaining closed so I think it was smart to force us to open it!