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  1. So... what are people getting? I know I suck at DOA but is 13 that bad?
  2. I have stopped between 30 and 35 multiple times just because I am tired or my friend needs to leave. Did 42 with a random the other week.
  3. So in the week before a new month you can sign up for the next month. There are links in the OP. Then, every Sunday he posts a new challenge. It could be from any Treyarch Zombies map. they are always solo and no gobble gum. Usually no Quick Revive. He posts all of the rules. For example, last week it was on ZNS with a 15min time limit. Power, perks, and pap were allowed but at 15min into your game, the wave you are on is your score. So you need to record your gameplay for proof. There is a link to submit and then you see who does best! Here are our standings for this month so far. I see you play on PS4, I do not know how you capture on that but I am on PC and use a free program called OBS. For the medal request you see how under my posts there are medals? Those are because I provided screenshots of my stats in the medal request thread to prove that I have earned them. Looks like you can earn a few just from the screen you have there.
  4. You could get some pretty cool swag in here my friend! Nice to see more experienced players join the forum. Also, if you like challenges and have way to record, March signup for The Ancient Trials will open up in the next week!
  5. It says Dead Ops 2 Arcade, so I am assuming it is the one in Black Ops 3 because that is the second one, correct?
  6. Oh no... never played this lol
  7. Yea I talked a little at the end of mine so hopefully he will see the time and not just look at the round I was on at the end of the video.
  8. Dang really?? Where did you chill for spawns that fast? I could barely get to 13... I got to 12 outside Station B and to 13 at the Skull hub area with the trials. Also, who else has Monday off and will be banging out next week's challenge on President's day?
  9. Glad to have more competitors! In the last week of each month you can sign up for the next month of trials. You can of course play them and see how you do but to compete you need to sign up. Good luck!
  10. I am enjoying this challenge. First try I got two nukes and one insta-kill. I want to try a couple more times. Won't say my record till I submit ;-) That one slow zombie hiding around a corner holding up the round end is so frustrating.
  11. Yea solo and it says that and more in the post you quoted Type: Solo Power: Yes Gobblegums: No Time Limit: 15:00 minutes
  12. I had been meaning to play ZNS again so this will be great. The "who can get the most nukes" challenge haha jk
  13. images appear broken. just me?
  14. Makes my score of round 8 feel much better ;-) Given your previous scores, I respect you as a player Neanesis. Prolly just a typo but when I submitted using the link in the post about this Shangra-la challenge it says "January submission" Also, if anyone cares, I put all my challenges on my youtube channel. I am not a youtuber, so don't expect anything too fun to watch ;-) https://www.youtube.com/user/jesus3man/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
  15. Yea... I will submit mine tonight. Having lots of trouble with this map. I was never good at it to begin with. I have restarted a dozen times already.

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