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  1. Yea I have done M16 and MPL. Would love to get the money to have that AK-U...
  2. Not being good at no man's land is hurting me in this challenge. I don't know if starting with jugg or having the points to get better weapons is better. How are others doing?
  3. haha no. We aren't THAT good.
  4. My first time on this map was solo going in blind and I got to wave 16 training in the cafe with no perks. It was super fun to figure out all the parts with my friends who also went in blind.
  5. For my 100th post I will request the Prestige 1 medal! yay
  6. This is a fantastic guide! I usually get MK and have one or two good weapons I don't get rid of that are all set with deadwire for training and cycle the other one keeping a buffer of 10k points early and 20k points later.
  7. Amazing score! I would love to watch that game. is it on youtube? Can we purchase doors wave 5 and beyond?
  8. I did not do well. I suck so bad in tight spaces with no jugg. I also did not have much time to try more strategies. I am hoping yall had some difficulty too
  9. How are people doing with this one? I will give my go tonight.
  10. http://www.accelerated-ideas.com/news/zombies-gorod-krovi-side-easter-eggs.aspx
  11. I need to play GK more. My highest round is only 20 and I do not have the layout down in my head yet. The map looks beautiful. It is just kind of a frustrating maze to learn. Doing the pods solo is horrid. Seems like if you don't have staminup and all doors open you will fail. Maybe that is because I don't know the layout yet. The Valkyries are a major negative for me. In no way do they fit into the theme of the map or the story or the time period. I know zombies has some advanced tech in it but levitating AI robots?! They belong in Star Wars, Terminator, or the Matrix, NOT Soviet Russia. Would not baby dragons have been so much better? There was already a dragon theme, and you could unlock one that sits on your wrist. The map was screaming for a dragon wave, not a Valkyrie one. ZNS did such a fantastic job at making the dog replacement fit the map with the spiders. _End Rant_ But I do like the map, it is just underrated in my head.
  12. For me the round ended one second before the buzzer, so depending on how you interpret that will determine my score. The current round was completed but the next one had not started. I also started my timer once the first wave started, not while I was flying down on the lander.
  13. How are people doing on the challenge? On my first try my boxes were FAL, LAW, knife, crossbow, bolt sniper... so yea I tried again. Submitting my score tho!
  14. @InfestLithium I thought Ethereal Donors gave each month? I made a one time donation so I think it should be regular donor like it was last night. Or is it because I donated during this month for that promotion?
  15. I am a Donor now! yay donor medal for me! EDIT: Also my total rounds can be updated from two to three (2500) and I need the gobblegum I medal. Adding the donor and GG medals brings me to 10, which gets me the 10 medals medal

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