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  1. ADFGX cipher

    Sorry if this is too old of a post to comment on, but has anyone used "VICTIS" as a keyword? I saw it on another thread but I was on a different computer and wasn't signed in to just link it here. I'd run it myself but I haven't a damn clue how to insert everything into a decoder.
  2. Earlier I was playing AotRT going to get the Unpleasant Dreams achievement/trophy. I completed the easter egg as Elvira and while just farming for the New Recruits calling card, I noticed that the four O symbols around the map (that you switch between the filters to narrow down) have been replaced by chemical diamonds like on the chemical boards, but with only one square filled in. After a small bit of testing, the numbers DO change based on your filter, although I haven't found any significant differences yet. Even the Pi/M symbol is replaced. Does anyone else want to look into this? It would be great if something else was there after doing the main EE.
  3. It sort of sucks...

    Perhaps when mod tools come out, RollonMath will make a mod to let SOE be beatable solo. He did it with Moon on bo1 and it works fantastic. Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  4. A weird flower vase at the dragon comand room, etc.

    I really like your idea of this being another free GG easter egg! I'm gonna try placing them back down somewhere in the map, like the hatchery or something. Also, you here's a quick explanation of those sounds you're hearing. You'll hear one sound if you shoot the arms or cameras off a Valkyrie, and this means you can now go by a mannequin opposite to Juggernog and equip a Valkyrie helmet. You'll hear another one once you shoot armor off enough Russian Manglers, but I can't remember where to pick up the Mangler Helmet. The last sound you'll hear is if you ride the dragon enough you'll be able to pick up the Dragon Wings from floor 3 of the Department Store from a mannequin facing the wall (just run around till you see it) Other than that I'm not sure. But there's also something you could try to play around with. There is also a candle that (when playing solo) will spawn in the Supply Depot on the left of the Gobblegum machine in there. You have to use the Dragon Shield or Tiamat's Maw to light the candle (use fire attack) before you can pick it up. Perhaps this has something to do with the flowers? Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  5. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    Not too sure, trying to figure out what's going on with these. It'll be a good time passer while I wait for DLC4 on PC Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  6. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    Quick update, nothing happened. Well it was worth a try Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  7. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    I'm really interested in finding out an upgrade for the Monkey Bombs. But I think there is a high possibility of there being something like a hidden Trip Mine variable (like the spider bait in ZNS) Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  8. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    I've messed around with the vases and the candles, but I've mainly been trying to do stuff that would relate to upgrading the Monkey Bombs. I've tried picking the vase + candle up then picking up the flask, etc. BUT this brings me to my main idea. If we look at the upgrade for the shield (Tiamat's Maw) and the upgrade for the Dragon Strike (Draconite Controller) both upgrades consist of getting a bunch of kills then hitting something outside of the map with what you want to upgrade. For the Monkeys, we have the first step (getting ~50 kills with them and picking up the flask) so in consideration of how we upgrade the other items, I can safely assume that after we pick up the flask, there is something outside of the map that we must trigger. However, if you throw a monkey out of the map, it disappears, so could it be something inside of the map? Once I get home (I'm at the Minnesota state fair right now) I'm gonna try getting the flask, throwing a monkey at both flower vase and candle, and seeing if anything happens. I'll update you guys if I get any results. I'm also gonna record it just in case so I can out it on YouTube and link you all to it Sent from my m8whl using Tapatalk
  9. Zombie Eye Colour & Apothicon Servant

    Okay I know this is really farfetched but I think that since we're seeing a mashup of some of the older maps, it got me thinking. We see the Undercroft from Der Eisendrache and we also see the Ragnarok returning. So I was thinking like what if there's multiple specialists? And if you think about it, Treyarch wouldn't REALLY just throw the Ragnarok back in because they ran out of ideas, would they? Especially in the final culmination of the past 8 years of zombies?
  10. All Ciphers

    Thanks so much! I'll check these out When I get back from school
  11. AX7's Shepard of fire would have been a good song for this map.

    I totally agree! I honestly think that A7X has a song for almost every map in zombies. Starting at BO2, Tranzit - Carry On (instead of that carrion shit) Die Rise - Natural Born Killer (? iffy) MoTD - God Hates Us Buried - Buried Alive (you know i had to pick buried alive. puns, you know) Origins - This Means War Shadows of Evil - Shepherd of Fire or Hail to the King Der Eisendrache - Gunslinger Zetsubou No Shima - honestly idk at this point Gorod Krovi - St. James maybe? Revelations - we'll have to see...
  12. All Ciphers

    Hey can anyone write up a guide on how most of these get solved? I'm fascinated by the ciphers and what they translate to, but I don't know how I can contribute to the community when it comes to solving them.
  13. worst deaths on GK

    Round 42, finished EE solo at 1 hour 50-ish minutes. Got L4 out of the box to make the wisps easier to hit. On my way to PaP it, I got bitch-slapped by 2 russian Manglers on the stairs at Dragon Command. One of them was sprinting behind me, the other decided to spawn in in the same room you find the flower vase in
  14. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    Hey everyone! Silv3r here, and I joined this site about 45 seconds ago. I wanted to make a thread exclusively for UNFINISHED easter eggs in GK. I was inspired to do this mainly off the idea that ZNS had a ton of unsolved EEs after the main one was solved, and apparently still has some small unsolved EEs as of today (Tuesday, August 30). So drop your ideas on what we could try for different EEs in the replies section and I'll try to help with what I can!