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  1. Statistically speaking Der Riese/The Giant is the greatest map of all time. It still has tons of people playing it across W@W, BO1, and BO3. There are many excellent maps, especially as I am replaying old maps it's impossible to pick just one. So for that reason, Revelations gets my vote because: -shit ton of weapons -many different ways to play -features many of the old maps
  2. I'd be down. The only issue with 2-4 players are how to handle the bombs
  3. It's a random drop card. I've beaten all easter eggs and zombies challenges....it's for sure nothing you unlock by doing stuff.
  4. It's impossible to choose a favorite map, but if I had to choose 6 maps to fit onto a single disc I'd have to play the next five years this would be my selection: The Giant: Probably the best map to quickly pick up and play Verrukt: An original favorite with a good challenge...no easy camp spots so it sets apart who is actually good at zombies Gorod Krovi: A new favorite. Once you complete the easter egg you truly appreciate what the map offers. Origins: Plenty of options with a good challenge Revelations: The best of many maps, offers different ways to play Farm: Very simple to the point, I loved that map for quick games starting at high rounds. I really liked some of the other maps but they had features in them that made me dislike what would've been a map I loved. These maps I want to love but I can't: Kino: Those crawler things. Begins a theme for Blackops 1 of introducing crap to zombies Five: That goddamned scientist Ascension: The perk monkeys, even though you only need two perks really Call of the Dead: I found George to be annoying as hell Zetsubou: Solo takes 90 minutes without gumballs just to get set up. Town: All it needed was one decent wall weapon...then it's the perfect map.
  5. I've done all but Revelations, hit me up on xbox if you want to play with someone that beat all the other easter eggs.
  6. Thank you. I've been around here for awhile randomly posting. Last night I finally got the Shadows of Evil easter egg done and have only Revelations left. I'll be around the site.
  7. I've been posting here for some time and have never officially introduced myself... My name is Charles. I'm 34 and have been in Texas the last 21 years. I'm recently married and for work I am a busy massage therapist. My body usually aches and in my down time I can be found chilling smoking a bowl and killing zombies. I've been playing zombies ever since my brother started telling me about something epic once beating World at War. This was back in 2008 and I found a game that I truly love when I first played Nacht Der Untoten. For years I was the guy you wanted on your team. Over the years zombies started to drift away from what originally made me love the game. I didn't care about fighting some random creature, just zombies. In 2011 around the time of Shangri-La my interest in the game dipped. By 2013 around the time of Tranzir/Die Rise I quit zombies altogether. Besides the game drifting away from zombies, it wasn't as fun because some of the people I grew to love playing zombies with were no longer in my life. It made me feel shitty to even play. But then, in January 2016 my best friend decided to surprise me by getting me an Xbox One with Blackops 3. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to play zombies. Shadows of Evil reminded me of exactly why I quit zombies....wtf is an apothicon? lol. But the remake of Der Riese reminded me exactly of what I used to love about zombies. Gradually, I officially unretired from zombies and started playing better than ever before. I used to be a consistent high round 30s player, and now if I'm not hitting the 40s or doing an easter egg I consider it a poor game. The one thing I love about the new maps is the easter egg quests, and it helps me want to play a map like Shadows of Evil that I'm not a big fan of...yet determined to beat. With my job I will be off Saturday after 2pm and not have to work until Monday morning. Anytime during the time I'm off I'd be up for meeting more regulars to play zombies with on xbox one and maybe even do an easter egg or two.
  8. I'll play, ROFbagginU is my XB1 name
  9. I hope zombies goes into the direction of being actual zombies again, but with Blundell moved higher up I suspect the storyline will continue to move in line with the Blundell vision. After playing Revelations I'm reasonably sure we will end up with a mob of the dead remake at some point so it can tell the story from Richtofens view.
  10. After weeks of trying to complete the easter egg on solo, I was determined that if I did not finish it this week that I would take a break from zombies. I woke up and was having a great game on solo. By round 14 I was ready for the boss fight, but held off until round 20 to make sure everything was good to go. I went into the boss fight confident and destroyed the dragon easily. But once again I had the same problem with Nikolai...he killed my ass. Dejected, I went into a random public match. After having a near perfect game I abandoned hope of doing the easter egg. But I happened to run into super randoms and I was their 4th guy. All of us knew what to do and suddenly I had hope again. During the game we lost a guy with connection issues, but the 3 of us finally defeated Nikolai! We did it! Throughout my weeks long quest to complete this easter egg, I have come up with some tips: 1) Don't waste too much time with Nikolai. My team pointed out my flaw in fighting him. If you have the mark 3, unload on him. 2) If you keep coming close solo, a knowledgable team will get you over the hump. 3) We finished the easter egg in 1 hour, 17 minutes and got perma-perkaholic. I found no one wants to keep playing after a boss fight. 4) The gersh step is a pain in the ass and that prick can hide in the supply depot walls. 5) This is by far the hardest easter egg, if you are struggling keep pushing on.
  11. It's funny that you mention finding new strategies on Der Riese/Giant, because I actually found one....and it's one that makes the waffe the go-to weapon. I basically discovered this by accident. In the very high rounds you'll only be using the waffe. For gumballs you need alchemical anthesis, max ammo, and the one that lets you buy ammo off the wall for any gun. You'll never run out of ammo, have a ton of points, and watch how easy it is. The teleporter strategy isn't as good on the remake because the zombies spawn all over and you can't run map-wide trains anymore.
  12. Oh I totally agree with you on Der Riese. Back in the day that was our go-to map and right up until I stopped playing in 2013 it was my favorite. Even once I started playing again in 2016 I still have a love for the Der Riese remake. But with Der Riese/The Giant, it can become repetitive at times. Most games are going to end up on the catwalk or you're going to run teleporter to teleporter. Not to mention once you get the waffe you're going to survive long if you don't do anything stupid. Kino is another fun map, but it has the same flaws. This is why Verrukt is fun, because there is no 100 percent safe spot and it will challenge you. Honestly, Revelations is growing on me as one of the more fun maps even though it's still new. There's so many ways to play that map and it gives many options to play it. Much like Origins with the staffs and Der Eisendrache with the bows. But I agree Der Riese was the best classic map followed by Kino.
  13. I like your idea with Shadows, just hoping I can still find 3 others and not have it all go to hell after getting that far into the game. I've gotten better on Gorod Krovi and have reached Nikolai twice in the last two days. Both times I nearly had him, but the final time I ran out of ammo. Should have used mule kick...either way he's mine next time. I'll be down to play other maps, but until I finish Gorod Krovi I'm going to be determined to take down Nikolai.
  14. Agreed about holding the last zombie. I've found I'm usually the guy having to hold that zombie or we'd never get anything done. Like you, I don't want to have to play teacher and teach everybody what to do. I had to watch countless mrroflwaffle, noahj456, and glitchingqueen videos to learn and can't see why others can't too. Like you, I have helped others do the Eisendrache and Zetsubou easter eggs. The problem is when I start helping others they want to do everything but Shadows and Gorod Krovi....the maps I need. On Gorod Krovi I have problems finding the gersh orb consistently on solo. When I play with others they manage to botch the bomb steps even with me writing it down and calling it out. Only once did we reach Nikolai and it was in a 3 player match. With Shadows I'm tearing my hair out trying to find 3 other capable players. As for internet I do understand. I was once one of those people with the cheap $30 internet, but now that I have a career and got married I can afford FIOS. But it's still a pain in the ass having everyone lag out when you know you have a powerful connection.
  15. I've been trying to use the CODZ LFG feature trying to do easter eggs with mixed results. Sometimes I'll find some good teammates, but more often than not I'll run into a total dud. Here's a top 5 of my most common LFG experiences: In no particular order: 5) Poor connection: I have FIOS 75/75 on a direct connection in Texas. I can understand if it's a laggy mess if I play with someone from the UK, which it isn't always. But if you live 2 states away from me it's not my internet that's the problem. I've had 4 people on a LAN party online game wiith my wife watching Netflix. So make sure your internet can hold up. 4) Selfish gamers: Whether it's sending me 5 messages a row when it shows I'm clearly in game, or trying to horde all the kills/guns/points....you'll ensure I won't ever play with you again. Play solo if you're going to ignore your other teammates. 3) Not setting aside the time: This one just pisses me off. All the maps take at least 90 minutes to do the easter egg. So 30 minutes in don't be telling me you have to go. Because you've just wasted my time. 2) Noobs: I have nothing against noobs until they try to do the easter egg with me. First off, you shouldn't even be attempting easter eggs until you're at least capable of surviving on the map. Not everyone will know every easter egg step but at least try to know most of the steps. 1) Not including a time: As much as I'd love to constantly play, I have to work and entertain a wife. Therefore there are certain times I'm more likely to be on than others. If you for certain want a game then you have to answer when I ask a time. I'm not trying to be too negative. I did find some great groups. One helped me do Zetsubou, I helped another through Eisendrache, and a thrird reached Nikolai on the boss only to fail. But the groups I've tried to do Shadows with have been horrible and it's shocking how so few know the steps on the oldest map on this game. I hate that I need 4 people to do it.

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