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  1. GK Time Attack Weapon camos

    I was playing online and some guy said he lost his camo on his gun but nothing to do with the challenge Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. Upgrade Apothican Servant in "Revelations" Theory[emoji223]

    Jason said you won't be able to upgrade in shadows of evil so there will be another map that you can Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  3. The floating red brick in waterfront is missing

    I thought the note was on the ceiling
  4. The floating red brick in waterfront is missing

    The code is aognkzbcpsewfmuhxdirtlvyq hvwfctgqmzpesylanrbxouidk mgiqmroxgxrfnmmrswrwyeinzsgxxwnzwqhweppqxiwbbkzywhkxmwfygk has this been found already ? i play it back and the brick is still there so I think someone lied to me about picking it up
  5. The floating red brick in waterfront is missing

    The brick was not there and the code was on the floor instead of in the ceiling ??
  6. Last couple games I noticed the brick was gone I thought someone else had picked it up but I see that there's a note with a code on it now ! When I wake up in the morning I'm going to see what it says and I'll post it
  7. Gatekeepers spawn power ups ?

    With the new update during rituals the gatekeepers will just keep following someone else unless I do something to it
  8. Well it happened guys...

    If you let the margwas destroy the flag, after you pick it up and place it ,from the rift area rumor is they all die , the civil protector squashed 2 of my margwas when I called him I didn't even know that would happen
  9. Gatekeepers spawn power ups ?

    Last night I was playing and I had killed 3 gate keepers and went into beast when I came out someone killed the last gatekeeper in the rift and it spawned a double points ??!
  10. Shadow man looks like margwa

    Someone tried to say in the lobby that you aren't supposed to shoot the shadow man during the flag rituals??
  11. Shadow man looks like margwa

    The shadow man was just in the air and not moving at all I'm curious if he looks like this all the time ? I don't remember seeing him like this
  12. HELP killing shadow man

    I have got to the point of killing the shadow man in pap room several times now with 4 players and it always seems to fail , my only guess is we're doing it too slow ?? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!
  13. Margwa hat

    That's cool she's always breaking my shield , it looks pretty hard to shoot the hearts the train moves so fast
  14. Margwa hat

    What are the benefits when you accomplish this ?
  15. The dude abides

    Hey there community I've been playing since the middle of black ops 2 I played buried and origins a lot and now I play SOE a lot now I like to have fun and kill zombies let's have a good time !!