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  1. "You think the city will be just as you left it?"

    If you watched the BO3Fridays they mention that it took 2 and half years to design the map. So it is highly possible that the stories could be in some way connected as SoE has been related to MoTD by the way the characters are being punished for doing something bad in both of them. I would suggest looking more into Salvatore and Morg City to see if there is any relation to each other
  2. Pack-a-punch buildable again? (spoiler maybe?)

    If you want zombies info etc I suggest watching Mrdalekjd or Mrroflwaffles
  3. Confusion for me. Help!

    Just a quick post. I'm really confused has the gobblegum machine replaced perk machines?
  4. End of the zombies story?

    You sir are a very smart person for not doing that. However I don't let myself skip a Cod as I have completed every single one haha. But Treyarch is the best company working on cod by far
  5. Confusion for me. Help!

    Just a quick post. I'm really confused has the gobblegum machine replaced perk machines?
  6. End of the zombies story?

    I really hope Extinction doesn't come back, it was good at the start but it wasn't as enjoyable knowing you had to finish it
  7. End of the zombies story?

    If they do end this story. I hope the next story is just as good and as compelling as this one
  8. End of the zombies story?

    it will be ashame for the story of the original characters to end. But this could be reason why they have brought in the SoE characters because they might want a new story to zombies (like with bo2 characters, in a way)
  9. End of the zombies story?

    I am not sure if anyone has said about this yet but I have been wondering is black ops 3 the end of the zombies story all together? From the trailer for the giant they seem to have gone back in time and they are attempting to undo what richtofen (as well as maxis) have created. So this leaves us with the possibility of them visiting all the old maps and undoing certain events. This could lead to no zombies in the future for us. I could be wrong (I hope I am) but it seems like it is coming to an end or will it lead onto something much bigger.
  10. Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    We should have to forego historical accuracy because some peoples feelings may get hurt or others might get offended.Feelings should never be more important than facts. Right, so you want 3arch to lose out money from a slight inaccuracy because a lot of people (including whole countries) are sensitive about this subject? He has a point that we cannot evade historic events and making a game based around that era, in my opinion, should include these little details. However, it would lose treyarch money (like you said) by including these things. So really to everyone complaining, treyarch are simply sticking to the safe side to avoid any trouble.