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  1. My Treasure!

    You can't beat me!
  2. Comprehensive DOA2 Guide

    Gud guide!
  3. Character bios

    Dis look gud. Dat lady be seen once in da Singapore level
  4. Castlevania map coming?

    kill_all_monkey? Dat is back to front. Simian defeat you all ...
  5. Black Ops 3 Has Leaked (NO SPOILERS)

    ::Spoiler Alert:: My minions shall defeat you ...
  6. Big Zombies Unlock After Campaign

    I be the shadow man ... APE!
  7. deez all fine points.. Me love chickens but me likes da hamburger too. I have minions to watch my treasure...
  8. What Game Mode will you play first?

    Treasure is exclusively mine...
  9. Who exactly is the shadow man?

    Me be the shadow man!
  10. What Game Mode will you play first?

    Me, me gunna be playin against all of you! I will defeat you with my minions!
  11. Castlevania map coming?

    Because, me no like castles.. I do like chicken!
  12. Dead ops arcade 2: What will it be like?

    I not give you any castles..
  13. My Treasure!

    many have tried ... none have bested me yet...