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  1. Trenchgun versus dogs

    Yes! Someone who finally appreciates the trench gun like I do lol. I just finished playing on Der Riese using the teleporter method, and Samantha sent spawns and spawns of dogs after U.S., so that was my weapon of choice
  2. Strange Happenings on Der Riese??

    I see, thanks for clearing this up lol, I had never seen anything about this before, still pretty cool to have the monkey bomb sound come from the box.
  3. Strange Happenings on Der Riese??

    Once again, I've been replaying all of the original maps, on WAW, and today me and my friend split screened on Der Riese. On round 24 we were both spamming the box for the DG-2, keep in mind we had already activated the fly trap, played hide and seak, and thrown a monkey into the furnace, and played the song. When we started to go to the box once we obtained a crawler, it did not have the original box jingle, it played the accordian tune that is played when a monkey bomb was thrown. I thought it was a fluke, but through 13 tries at the box, every time it continued to play the various accordian tunes that the monkey bomb makes. Also, idk if it's any correlation, but the body in the building outside the map, that's hanging and only the feet were visible, was swinging, and I've never been able to make it swing before. Any thiughts? P.S.- I've been playing through all day trying to recreate the events so I could capture them and post it as well.
  4. Writing on the Chalkboard

    I've been going back through all of the zombies maps and seeing if there's anything skipped over. I came to play Der Reise on WAW, and I went and started searching over the chalkboard next to the animal testing facility. In the top left corner of the board, it writes, "Experiment 935 was successful". I do not recall seeing this before on the forums, and was wondering what correlation this had with group 935. Also, if you look on the pin board in the room where the C teleported is located, you can see the words folgen Sie dem Gesamtplan, which is German, for Follow the overall plan. I urge you all to go and inspect the chalkboards closely as there is one quote on the board that reads, "Edward, I know it was you". Hope this can help out some people.
  5. Sniper tower

    I believe that since Element 115 contributes to the displacement of time and space, we get equipment, technology, and weapons from a variety of time periods.
  6. PHD Flopper- Dead or alive?

    Perhaps it would work as....a game of bowling per say, if they go with PhD Slider, you are the "ball" and zombies the "pins". You slide into them and BOOM!