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  1. Hey cooldude. o3o (Note: You need 5 posts if you want to get on Chat.)

  2. How OK are we with remakes?

    I would be okay with it as long as they do what they did with the remakes on bo2 multiplayer. Same maps but with different look. Maybe add one or two hallways. Put pack-a-punch on verruct and shi no numa (not nacht because I rather that empty) maybe even add big Easter eggs to the maps.
  3. Hi im cooldude6776, im here now.

    Alrighty guys I have decided to get an account for this place because I have been a huge zombies fan for a long time. I hope to bring great content to this site and hope to make some new friends to. Maybe even learn a few things on the way. If you ever want to play black ops 2 on Xbox don't be afraid to ask. See yah around.
  4. Welcome to the forums cooldude6776 :)