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  1. 8 Man Tranzit still work?

    On PS3? Would help a ton to know
  2. What is your favorite "WEAPON" in zombies?

    M1216 (exelent on getting out of hairy situations with full auto) Balistic Knife Chicom CQB PDW The guns I like aren't very popular :(
  3. 3 Not so Ridiculous Powerup ideas

    Since its guaranteed to not be implemented in bo2, there's no reasonas to why devs couldn't change the system of a powerup drop in bo3 (or awz) What I had in mind could be something like 10% to appear every 5th/10th round. Just a powerup to make people s*** their pants when they see it. After all this is wishful thinking
  4. Hey

    I'm EC, I'm pretty decent I guess. I like zombies too btw
  5. For those who came in late. An overview of the Storyline

    I lol'd like 5 times reading this
  6. 3 Not so Ridiculous Powerup ideas

    Recently read some ideas and I thought "I wanna do that" So here goes 1) Decelerate Appearance: Stop sign;The word stop is bolded Occurrences: Semi Rare Effect: Slows down zombies in area to walking pace. Zombies relatively close to where powerup was obtained are put in the "sleep mode" similar to when a emp is used on a zombie. 2) Replenish Appearance: Stick Figure (like the one on the fire exits irl) flexing Occurrences: Rare Effect: 1 Player personal max ammo. However spawns a "boss" zombie or a horde of regular zombies to chase after the player who got it. 3) Lucky Spade Appearance: Spade Occurrences: Ultra Rare Effects: The following powerup effects take place; Max Ammo, Carpenter, Nuke, Double Points, and Insta-Kill.
  7. Welcome to the forums ECTheZombieDestroyer :)