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  1. Top Ten best zombie maps

    Seems crazy when you read other peoples views and opinions.... (some choices up here and im thinking....whaaaattt????) but yeah i get it everyone see's it different. For me, although i dont play it often number 1 has to be origins but i no longer play it much as takes a good 6-9 hours to get a really decent game...so my list is ranked 1 to 10 fun to play for me.... 1) Origins 2) Ascention 3) Die rise 4) Call of the Dead (fuck george off) 5) Buried 6) MOTD 7) Kino 8) Der riese 9) Moon 10)Shi nu

    Tranzit was the only mould breaking map???did u buy any of the DLC???motd buried and origins are 3 of the biggest changes in zombies!!however unlike tranzit they were not awful.....bo2 zombies were awesome but trying to stand up for tranzit is a lost cause im affraid my friend.
  3. Zombies Political Parties

    I like a bit of both...yes i admit i loved der reise, but i do think origins was absolutely awesome!!! Dogs were the best bosses...and i hate tranzit(see my post) lol....however what do we want from the next edition of zombies as a community??? Of course your always going to get someone whos telling you that if we packapunch the raygun 18 times we get an infinate insta kill and elvis appears inside jugg but to me this is where it could be improved...keep the game simple as it is now but have some way of seeing who your playing with and improving the ranking system so we know players abilty and reliability and be matched up for effectively....

    Right then, Been playing zombies for around 5 years now with friends most evenings. All very good player's achieving shotgun rank. Last night we decided to give tranzit another go as its been getting some bad press and at fist glance when released we thought it was OK. However..... we reached round 20 and still hadnt received a single ray gun or LMG between us out of the box that had done circles around the map.like the map isnt hard enough after scrambling through lava, fog and arguing with the bus driver about his time schedule, the wall weapons are useless past round 20. Everythings all over the place and even after 2 hours of battling were getting knowhere. And to top it off what the hell is the jet gun??im sorry but anyone who rates that as a wonder weapon is quite frankly depressing...what were you thinking when you made this map??? Oh and you can only carry one item so if your trying to open packapunch, im sorry but ur not having a shield....unreal.So much potential yet nothing but a ball ache in completion. Says it all when more people are playing town than tranzit and again town is a god awful map but didnt promise anything to start with so not a problem.... More maps like origins, MOTD and more old school like kino and ascention in the future would be great... Anyone who loves the map im sure you have your reasons and il look forwars to hearing them as rite now i cant see any positives....lol Love the game however and will continue to play until bo3 arrives.
  5. Welcome to the forums GRINDZMYGEARZ69 :)