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  1. [REL]Zombies Models & Animations

    Um... Does this non-DLC pack include the Pentagon Thief's model?
  2. George Romero model?

    Sorry for the huge bump Could you reupload it? I'm on a different computer and the link has expired. EDIT: Also when you googled it and it came up as Warcraft 3? This is what came up when I googled. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/MDL EDIT2: Which is what I'm looking for
  3. The Plane in NDU

    This might seem a bit off-topic. But on the subject of the Plane. How did the survivor(s) get to the spawn room anyhow? If we're to take the W@W intro seriously, the survivor(s) were in a downed/prone state. Look at where the spawn room is then look at where the Plane crashed.
  4. George Romero model?

    Sorry for the double-post but... How would I go about converting this to .MDL format? (and the textures to .vmt/.vtf) I want to use the model for a Garry's Mod NPC y'see. Which uses the Source Engine.
  5. George Romero model?

    Thank you so much!
  6. George Romero model?

    -bump If possible, can someone find the Pentagon Thief's model/animations? I can't find it anywhere. :/
  7. George Romero model?

    So games that run off of a disc?
  8. George Romero model?

    As for that first comment. I don't own a STEAM version of Black ops, seeing as I'm not paying £50 (+ dlc costs) for 1/3 of the game (zombies)
  9. George Romero model?

    I'm hoping to port George to Garry's Mod. I've already done WaW zombies and I have a Hellhound model that needs porting. Is the stage light attached to George's model or is it seperate?
  10. George Romero model?

    Is it possible to rip Romero's model from Call of the Dead? If anyone has it, can they link me it? Otherwise can someone show me how to rip models from the PC game. If anyone has it or can rip it, I need the format to be in .MDL format (Source Engine) Thanks for reading.
  11. Welcome to the forums Roachdaripper :)