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  1. Ask the Magic 8 Ball any Zombies Question

    responses are reversed
  2. Black Ops 1 Zombies Menu Theory

    I think rather that the history of mason and black ops are part of the universe zombie mode.
  3. Quote nikolaï in shangri la

    C'est par rapport à la vie réel x) moi qui galerer à chercher les dates dans le jeux ! Merci
  4. Quote nikolaï in shangri la

    Why two years ?
  5. Quote nikolaï in shangri la

    Hi everyone I'd like to know why when starting shangri-la, Nikolai said "'I bear the same underwear for two years. And we must turn on the power!" two years since shi-no-numa or from its confinement in Siberia. may her could be giving us a date for his incacération and test Richtofen.
  6. sure,not sure : 208 189 62M 0 118 143 115 214 0 48 coordinate ?
  7. Should Treyarch wipe the slate clean? Yay or Nay?

    I do not! they do full of map to repair the faults they commited
  8. Tedd's hat

    the bus driver always seemed epic!
  9. Half-life 3 or Portal 3?

    Portal 3 would be much better, the portal 1 and 2 so good games ...
  10. Doompypoomp

    1. 83457


      I couldn't have said it better...

    2. Stronghold
  11. Welcome to the forums Stronghold :)