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  1. Firts of all, hello everyone. Long time ago i downloaded " A zombie trilogy" document, but, a few days ago, my laptop was stolen and i lost all my files . Now im asking for thar doc, and if someone still have it, i would be very thankful with him/her for share it with me. Thanks for your Help. -Sparda
  2. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    This WW is like a Bazooka but is smarter, have an ACOG and a big sphere with mysterios black energy into it.   Name: Dark Exploder  Ammo: 3/42 Unique Features: The weapon makes an explosion that can stun the zombies when hit something and after 2 seconds it makes a big dark hole that absorb the zombies like the gersch device, faster but with a minor range.   When PAP: Name: Gersch Freedom  Ammo: 6/84 New Feautures: The hole and the mysterios energy become white and the ratio for absorb the zombies increase.
  3. Welcome to the forums StrickenSparda :)