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  1. I have been working on a series called A-O which depicts a story of very important events which lead to the end of civilization as we know it. Every event and location is important no matter how insignificant it sounds. There are many mysteries in this new world.. Who is controlling Oracle? What are the Arcana? What caused the Undead to appear in this plane of existence? 

    Omega, Control, Lockdown, Quarantine and Empire were a part of Season 1 of this 4 season long story. 

    In this we learned the basics of our story. We were introduced to The Archangel Corporation and their Empire. We watched their Empire fall and eventually become lost and forgotten over time until the descendants of the very people that once lived within it's walls returned without even realizing the significance of what was left behind. This was the Archangel Arc of the story however there might still be more to learn about this corporation and it's CEO who turned himself into The Emperor.... However perhaps we shall learn more another time.

    Coming very soon will be the first of 5 Brand new Map concepts . This is the Year 1 Arc. In this arc we will shift our focus away from the Archangel Corporation and focus on events taking place during the First Year of the world wide epidemic of the Living Dead. We will learn more information about the Arcana and the......Grim truth about WHAT the Arcana really are. We will follow a group called The Paradime..... and uncover new information about what their intentions are. Ravaged, Fortune, Isolation, Station, and the Classified season finale.