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  1. As far as concepts go Legacy of the Damned Universe, Undead vampire universe, The Artifact Thief Universe, Movie World universe, and any other concept i come up with ( Aside from Alpha-Omega and Revisited maps ) are all part of the same web of universes connected by a single object within each and every universe. The Fountain of Worlds. 

    It is my belief that Zombies take on very different forms and many different roles in each universe. In some universes they might be slaves to the vampires, in other universes they are Damned souls that failed to escape redemption. In yet another universe they are simply cursed corpses defending the resting place of an ancient artifact. 

    Right now we are still getting through the introductions of our main cast of characters. You've met the Legendary 4 who all starred in their own feature presentations. Legacy of the Damned 1 and 2. You've met the Vampire Hunters who have one more map in their specific storyline. And soon you will meet more chracters. 

    A kleptomaniac/bartender in a Pirate hideout, a disgraced naval officer accused of a crime he didn't commit, a Pirate assassin in hopes of winning the hand of a "fair" maiden, and a man obsessed with hunting down pirates.

    Legacy of the Damned 3: Tides of time will feature a brand new cast and continuing on it's own story that may or may not cross paths with the adventures of the original Cast. Learn more Pirate Lore and face off against Ghosts and Men of the deep sea.