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  1. I was looking through some of my archives and I noticed l something. A map concept called Control. It was about mankind enslaving zombies by attaching technology around the undead. Brace like contraptions on their arms and legs and a ring wrapping around their skulls. However when they feel te presence of richtofen emitting from a parallel universe they go out of control and kill their masters. The technology given to the undead just made them faster, stronger, and somewhat more capable of using their brain functions. Then I realized that it actually sounds very similar to something that will be released this month.....2spooky4me

    1. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      It was originally part of a 1000 year Long storyline about zombies in another universe where zombies accidentally slipped through the Rift and ended up infecting a new Earth. Each story was base on a new Year a new decade and it was called Alpha and Omega. The first map being omega and the Last map being Alpha.