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  1. ~Zombies Hangman~

    my first ever letter is H!
  2. What Not to Do When Playing Zombies

    Do not try to eat a pizza while playing zombies with a friend.
  3. The EMP Cancel Game

    You die. I EMP the next poster
  4. Town Challenges?

    Here's a challenge that I made. Try it out!   Name: Masochist's Nightmare Map: TranZit or Town Weapons: Pick 2 of the following. SMR, RPG, War Machine or M1911. You're allowed to Pack-A-Punch any weapon but the M1911. Perks: HAHA VERY FUNNY NO PERKS FOR YOU Equipment: Grenades: Yes. Semtexes: Yes. Bowie Knife: No. Galvaknuckles: Yes. Monkeys: No. EMP Grenade: Yes. The score is how many rounds you survived when the conditions are met (see below) If you're going to do a challenge of this, here's some rules: TranZit: Only count the FULL rounds in the Fog. So if you went in on round 14 and you were halfway through, don't count that round. TranZit: Only buildable allowed is Turbine. Carry one at all times where possible. Town: Hellhounds on, just for torture's sake. Putting headshots only on doubles your score. Good luck! You'll need it.
  5. The EMP Cancel Game

    She can't see the names of anyone over their heads anymore. I EMP this website.
  6. Town Challenges?

    Does anyone have any challenges for Town. I'm pretty bored right now and really need a challenge to do, so does anyone have any challenges that they'd like to share?
  7. Origins Highest Round

    Round: 22 Players: ME! Built: No staffs, Shield or Drone. Perks: Quick Revive, Juggernog, Speed Cola and one Wunderfizz perk. Did all challenges except fill all chests because it was too late for one hits.
  8. Welcome to the forums huffpuff1337 :)