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  1. The Flesh

    It's well detailed but lacked some common sense. They don't control or manipulate the zombies. They just eat them like zombies. I'm pretty sure they'll become zombies too. Common sense first but good theory
  2. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Round 115 Cause of Death: Suicide Team : 4 Player Difficulty: Original Items built: Everything Easter Eggs: Only completed the song easter egg.
  3. Origins Highest Round

    Round:76 Players: 4 Team Played as Richtofen Difficulty: Original Built: Maxis Drone, All Element Staffs, Gramophone. Perks: Juggernog, Quick Revive , PHD Flopper , Speed Cola Weapons: Mustang and Sally , Porter's X2 Ray Gun-switched for Mark 2 during Round 70 Cause Of Death: Ended the game with the Easter Egg. I just got bored and decided to end it.