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  1. golden ray gun?

    My ray gun wan not gold through until pack a punched it. I was wondering if anybody has ever gotten golden guns while playing black ops 2 zombies. I was playing survival in town and the guns I was playing with were the RPD and the ray gun. I pack a punched my RPD and when I got to round 15 or 16 the gun suddenly turned gold. I uploaded the pictures to my integral. If anyone likes to give it one look you must connect with me I give you more details about it.
  2. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    I stay in Australia and I visit in different parks and also other casinos where we have to play number of games and win it by luck. So my friend gives me an idea to visit Highest Round on Alcatraz Island. I search it in many big places but it is not I found anywhere so if anyone has information about it then you must guide me about its exact address.