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  1. Wooodd


    I miss the old days too @JJMFP, I was relatively late getting into Zombies (end of BO1, start of BO2) but when I started playing it oh boy I was hooked. I started googling for tips to get better at the game and stumbled across this site completely by accident. I read a few tips threads and the level of detail given by this community was unprecedented, way above and beyond what else was out there. I wasn't even aware of the story surrounding Zombies at this time until I read through the threads posted on here. I had never experienced anything like it before or since. The level of devotion the guys and girls here had (have??) to this game was astonishing. It even had me researching and posting the odd theory about the story, not that I was much good at it mind you. I lost interest in Zombies after the release of AW. I didn't get on with the Exo-Zombies mode at all. By the time BO3 dropped me and my group of friends were well into other games and never really dropped into BO3 zombies until a few months ago when I was hit by nostalgia coming across a youtube video on zombies. This made me and a buddy load up and that was it, hooked again (seriously this game is like crack, I thought I'd got clean but one whiff of the good stuff and I'm back). I jumped straight into the forums to reconnect with the community and see all that I had missed from my time away, only to find a deserted community. It really was disheartening to see what had happened around here, as odd as it sounds I was genuinely upset (WTF Wooodd its an online forum get over yourself man). I really hope that the community rediscovers this site and that www.callofdutyzombies.com can reclaim its throne as the BEST source of all things zombies. Fingers crossed
  2. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    No Again. Guess a hint is in order HINT: It only appears in 1 location on the whole map
  3. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    No to Groph lights too
  4. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

  5. I don't recall seeing Dresden mentioned anywhere in Zombies before. Can it be a coincidence though that Dresden in Germany was bombed and all but decimated by the allied forces in 1945, the same year as the events of Der Riese? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II
  6. Wooodd


    Me too. The beginning of BO2's cycle is when I got into Zombies and I had a lot of catching up to do. Would be nice to be on the ground floor this time around.
  7. Wooodd


    Thanks @anonymous I'm surprised there isn't more hype around Chaos TBH, as much as I love the Aether story-line it will be nice to get a fresh story from 3arc. Particularly if they put the same level if intrigue and intricacy into this one as with Aether.
  8. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    So I haven't played before, but going to assume that the pic in an indication I was right. If not... well... Guess I jumped the gun. In any case, keeping on trend, I also spy something BLUE but this time in Gorod Krovi.
  9. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    Erm.... Element 115?
  10. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    Magna Collider (Or any Pap'd weapon).
  11. Wooodd

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    The gateway to Agartha
  12. Wooodd

    Zombies Trolls Rejoice

    There was an interview on the PS website with Jason Blundell where this question was asked: This does read like you have to actively decline the weapon before others can take it, but it isn't 100% clear. If this is not the case and each box pull is a free for all its going to be bedlam. Here's a link to the interview if you want it: Interview
  13. Wooodd


    I'd be surprised if it is the end of Aether too, cannot see them combining the two stories though. The fundamentals of each (Aether and Chaos) are so different even down to the origins of the zombies themselves. This is 3arc though so anything is possible. There's 4 already announced so there has to be more right. Unless the DLC they release through the year contains no zombie content then its a safe bet there will be. Can you imagine the outcry from the zombie community if they buy the Black Ops Pass (Ugh... I threw up a little just typing those words) only to later find out there will be no zombie related DLC.
  14. Wooodd


    Also, thanks for the pin. Not sure its pin worthy, but thanks nonetheless.
  15. Wooodd


    Thanks, I'll update and add the trailers too. The info is from all over the place: Activision Website; Wiki's; an interview a read with JB on a Playstation Website; a few other places; and my own interpretation of what I saw in the trailers. I'm mixed on the new story to be honest, having only recently got into BO3 I'm still elbow deep in Aether. It definitely looks interesting though. Ah... Brains. I miss Brains.

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