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  1. Here's a few for deliberation: 1) Perma-Perks (Persistent Upgrades) 2) Bank (I know its been said but I'll say it again bacause its that important) 3) The Bus style of transportation. It's bad enough waiting for a bus IRL, we don't need it in a game.
  2. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    How on earth have I not come across this thread before now? TWD is pretty much the only show I watch (oh, the Arrow & Flash too). I didn't think it was his gun he showed, wasn't it the red 'A' that kid stamped on his hand. She showed him hers so he showed her his I don't know what to make of this season so far. I think that maybe Alexandria (the place) is legit, but Ricks paranoia is going to mess it all up for them in some way. I agree with @Rissole25 on the show being slow as of late, but that does make the more 'action-packed' episodes all the more sweeter.
  3. Religion

    Sorry, I didn't for a second truly believe that your theory was based on the side mode of a computer game. I just have my daft head on this afternoon. I chose weasel as he can actually break his cycle.
  4. Religion

    Weasel has to survive to break the cycle.
  5. Religion

    Allow me to apologise in advance for any offence that maybe caused from my post below. I am normally a very anti-confrontational person, particularly when online. I'm not sure why because online I am more anonymous then anywhere else, but there you go. Religion however always seems to get me going for a debate. Now where do I begin on religion... I believe all religions are nothing more than archaic methods of enforcing control over the masses (like I said this is my opinion on things, please do not take any offence). I do not think it was initially used as a form of oppression, merely a system of enforcing order before any form of policing or governance was introduced. This system of 'behave yourself or you will burn for eternity' worked will when the feeble human mind was in early development, a system which would have been created and instigated by the elite and well off to prevent the more humble man from taking what is his. However as the human race has developed and grown as a species the holes in this concept of a divine celestial being show through, lets look through a few of the ten commandments in Christianity as an example to the hypocrisy embedded within religion (I may have paraphrased them a little): You shall have no other gods before me So despite being the one true god (in Christians eyes anyway) who loves all of his creations and allows them free will, they cannot choose to believe in another without consequence? You shall not make idols To elaborate "You shall not make yourself a carved image - any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them." Now maybe I am misinterpreting this, but is Jesus in 'heaven above', and do we not have carved statues of the man that a worshiped? The commandment states 'anything that is in heaven above' anything, not anything except God and JC. Does it then follow that all church going Christians are in violation of their own god's commandments? You shall not take the name of the lord your god in vain So, in essence you cannot get mad at a god who just sits back and allows the earth to fall into chaos. Ok. Remember the Sabbeth day, to keep it holy The Sabbeth day refers to Sunday, and this commandment continues to say "In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your servants, nor your cattle, nor a stranger within your gates". Now correct me if I'm wrong but do the Clergy not work on a Sunday? You shall not murder Unless your on a Crusade, ammarite. Then there is the whole baptism thing. You have free will and the choice to do as you please, yet the Church has your parents take you to them to be "adopted" into their faith. Before you are even old enough to understand what faith is. Let the child grow and make his / her own mind up, don't force your beliefs onto your children. Like I said, I don't want to offend anyone. The only reason I singled out Christianity above is that is my families religion (not mine) and as such I know a little about it. In this modern day of governance an policing, religion is an outdated concept. That being said, if a person chooses to believe in a higher power and this belief gives them comfort then that is great. Anything that gives you peace of mind in this crazy world of corruption and hatred we find ourselves in has to be good, right. I just cannot buy into it myself, I envy the religious in a way as they have a piece of mind that I don't.
  6. On the Topic of "Bullying on CODZ"

    This is why I love this forum, although I don't post much I've always felt welcomed and that my opinions matter. Sure discussing topics that people are so passionate about can get heated, but despite this I have always felt a sense of decorum amongst the CoDZ members. Being a lurker by nature (and not in a creepy way) I don't often post and on most other sites I've encountered this in itself can lead to confrontation. On other sites members would lambaste any post I made on the premise that because I don't post every two minutes my opinion is less valid, or due to the fact that I'm not part of the clique I can go f*ck myself.
  7. PDT possible return?

    I used to really enjoy PDT, made my drive into work much more pleasant. Still waiting on Part 2 of the Halloween (2013) episode though.
  8. How OK are we with remakes?

    This right here. They have worked the original maps into the storyline by looking back at them, but bringing back the maps would give them opportunity to reaaly flesh it out. Add some depth to whats already canon. That being said I would prefer new to remastered if done right (by which I mean not BLOPS2). I like how BLOPS did it, a zombie dedicated DLC with 1 new map and the classics. This would be the best case senario I think. A good compromise would be to have a new map per DLC as is the norm, and then for the last one just give us the remakes. I didn't even entertain playing zombies until the back end of BLOPS, and feel like I missed loads. Sure I've since gone back and played through, but thats not the same. Everything is known to you, EE's; storyline; even down to the littlest of quotes. Expanding on the EE's with new storylines and additional intel on whats already known would really revitalise the zombies, and give those of us who missed out last time to really emmerse themselves into the game. It would give new life to the undead.
  9. Did anyone get / find a recording? I missed it.
  10. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Wow MMX, just wow.   I was holding off reading this until the thread said 100%, but I couldn’t hold on any longer, really glad I caved in. Excellent work, you can see the months you have poured into this.   I noticed in your replies that you want to eradicate all grammatical or spelling errors. I’m in the UK so ignoring all our spelling differences made things a little more difficult, but here is a few I found along the way:   P009: even came with a Acid Gat Kit (should this read an Acid Gat Kit)   P011: Stanely Ferguson (isn’t it Stanley)   P019: He employed many people of different nationalities and began to start testing with various technology. (various technologies)   P019: His false memories including going to college, being apart of the Weimar Republic (being a_part of)   P027: Alcatraz's Electric Cherry, that enhanced physical prowess. (Should this be which enhanced)   P058: the lighthouse at the Siberian outpost. they changed the dials (They)   P073: one of our emembers began hearing (members) P078: The mall had snapped in two, and the top laid upside down next to the bottom. (the top lay upside down)   P078: one of the survivors obtained an sniper rifle. (obtained a sniper rifle)   P085R - Richtofen quote 50 & 51: Richtofen them told them to go to the maze (Richtofen then told)   P101: Richtofen, with the helop of Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo (with the help of)   Hope you don’t think I’m being too pedantic here, but a bit of proof-reading never hurt anyone and again, excellent work.
  11. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    Someone else go Riddle Points BriggzyJ97 - 34 vDeltaGamingv - 28 Electric Jesus - 18 Wooodd - 14 Experience This - 10 ETEI2NAL407 - 6 nayrc - 4
  12. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    Looks like I need to post the answer. The Time Machine Riddle You may think I'm broken, but thats not the truth. When you first throw it down, nothing happens. I can make you more powerful, if you know what to do. Using the TM after running through the house can snag you two free perks Forward planning is key to using me well. You have to throw it down in advance of you needing it. You may think I'm broken, but thats not the truth. I went back in time and repeated my first clue (sorry if that was cheap) Points BriggzyJ97 - 34 vDeltaGamingv - 28 Electric Jesus - 18 Wooodd - 14 Experience This - 10 ETEI2NAL407 - 6 nayrc - 4
  13. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    No Jet Gun lols :lol:
  14. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    So, either nobody is online, nobody is guessing, or I broke the thread :oops: Either way Ill leave it a few more hours before I put the answer up.
  15. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    Well I've let 24hrs pass and nobody has guessed, so time for clue four I think. Riddle You may think I'm broken, but thats not the truth. I can make you more powerful, if you know what to do. Forward planning is key to using me well. You may think I'm broken, but thats not the truth. Points BriggzyJ97 - 34 vDeltaGamingv - 28 Electric Jesus - 18 Experience This - 10 ETEI2NAL407 - 6 nayrc - 4 Wooodd - 4