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  1. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Hmm. As much as I absolutely hate the idea if Shang being from Mars out does fit....
  2. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Yes, I would like to see a new type of Wunder weapon with the likes of something we've never seen before. The shotgun woul be a prime example of that. I'd REALLY like to see a brand spanking new type of gun- we've had ice, electric, wave power, 'thunder' power, shrink, and explosive. A pulse gun sounds like a real fun time, even a portal gun, or in 'imploding' gun that sucks in zombies. I'm just throwing around ideas. I like hearing about entirely new guns you guys have thought about, names and descriptions, etc. this is the post that created the worst wonder weapon the jet gun :shock: :? :x :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :|