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  1. Sword?

    i think if it was there for a me;a wepond it would be leaked,but everyone wants it so they should let us have it.
  2. Gumballs

    i belive these perks are only for a short time not permenet in the game.
  3. where to buy juggernaught edition ????

    ya thats strange there may be a big release in early nov im hoping,but so far even amazon wont take orders for it.
  4. does anyone know where you can order this edition it seems no one has it anymore which is stupid of tr3 for even listing it as a bo3 edition.
  5. Slow zombie running down

    i really hope tr3 slows the running down like it was in bo2 ,in exo zombies they run way to fast sometimes you cant even out run them it,s stupid,so please dont increse there speed or the game will be ruined like exo zombies is. also bring back mustang sally,s so the game can be fun again.
  6. Your Opinion On Ebola.

    in the usa this will spread like wildfire,just wait and see,this is what happens when they still allow flights to and from these diease infested places.