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  1. ZFFS: Orbs & Rays - Observation and Manipulation

    Currently rewriting my thread/theory so itll be easier to understand, and I might have something to contribute to the orbs. Playing a game with some randoms I happened to generate the orb. Details:Full Lobby Character:Sam Orb seen:On pylon, Bottom White sparking attenna, Facing Nacht Red(had maxis side previously done) Round:7 I had a theory that in order to get the next step, we would have to get all the orbs on the pylon. I came about this theory because the last step people do is the lampost, and the newest thing we cant figure out EXACTLY is how these are generated. Some say they do nothing and they are there. Some say they just turn power on. I'm just giving my own account of these events. Long ago i had seen a video that extremely peaked my interest with the orbs. Go to YouTube and type in Black ops 2 glowing orb next step tuturioal: by 1percentlegit. In the vid. I believe 3 players leave there turbines at bus, diner, and cornfield. They don't touch em, he's adamant about that fact and it stuck with me. They leave them and then I assume player 4 turns power on. Some players could see the orb that appeared on pylon and some didnot. Another interesting fact was that the player in bus depot recieved a quote from Maxis about the two obtuse vertices of the scalene. A red flag jumped up with the combo of receiving a quote and an orb on the pylon.Whether or not it was related I took note of it and continued me EE hunt. Remembering this video I tried to generate the orbs in a random match. Turbine was built, im sure the ground cracked but we did not open the door to bus depot. I assume every1 grabbed a turbine. Ik for a fact Sam(me) and Misty had one. Since I cannot hear Maxis I theorized that the characters themselves would make an indication if I placed my turbine at the correct lampost. Laying it at bus depot, diner, and church lampost(the one directly after diner lava) produced no results. I am not sure who purchased the Gas station at diner but it was bought and the box was hit. Every1 got on the bus and rode it to farm, I hopped off tried church lampost...nothing. Ran until I caught up with the crew at farm, who already bought the door. By the time I checked for the piece in the barn, the bus was leaving. Deciding that it wasn't worth the effort to try and chase it I took my time and headed to corn lampost. Purchased the Remington 4 the denizens. Once I got to cornfield lampost I finally got a result. Upon placing it Stuh said "Wait a min... You mean I actually turned something on?!!". To me this especially stuck out. It sounded like a basic quote that I've heard before.... But why didn't he say it at any previous lamppost. So I left it. Roughly 4 seconds later I made a teleporter, but the quote was deff. heard before I made it. Trying to follow up on this theory I was about to run to power when I heard it turning on, I would say about 15 seconds after I made the teleporter. I walked back to the lamppost and kept shooting the denizens off of my head until power was completely on. And the instant, I mean instant that the power hit its peak...BAM!! Sparkly Red Orb dust... On the bottom white sparking antenna, facing the corn lamppost an Nach. Also the moment it spawned it shot a ray 4rm the orb to the tip of the pylon.  **At 1st I assumed that it was the act of me leaving my turbine at the lamppost while power came on had caused the orb alone. However when I watched the video, Misty got stuck in the area of the P.A.P door and laid her turbine down also while power was on. Had I not viewed my video then I might have missed this critical piece of info.****  This had my gears turning like crazy, because I too have done enormous amounts of researching the backstory, etc. Mainly tho, I believe that listening to the characters in particular, like it is an actual story and pay attention to quotes is how we will eventually figure more out. Not only that but paying attention to the facts. I couldn't help but notice that once power is turned on, the pylon is also powered. Once powered it shows morse code on 2 of the antennas. I believe they are the exact same as in town. Upon closer observation there are 3 white sparking antenna, and a long cord running 4rm the pylon to the corn. Inside of power there is one long cord that runs 4rm the core of power n2 a wall. I assume this is the same power cord. I won't go into extreme detail but remember Kino and Der rese? We had to link the teleporters in order to activate them and I beleive this is no different seeing as to Dr. Maxis is the one providing instructions.  Going off of all this I believe the way to trigger the orbs rely on a combination of leaving a turbine down at the right lampost, and also one at the pack a punch door in power. The specific 3 I would Assume would be the ones were you hear Dr. Maxis speaks. Evidence in his quotes talk about a specific design he wants you to make, so perhaps we have to be a little more thorough when doing the last step aka the Tricontomas System. I will rewrite my theory in full and try to explain it more thoroughly and simple, it is very difficult to take what's in my head and place it on paper =^p.