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  1. Jumping Jacks Being The Clue For Next Map?

    Although everything that has been posted on this subject is true about the crawlers, he does have a good point with the webbed feet. I know some of you tend to shut out and cringe at the idea of "Atlantis", but the theory of the next map or future map being a water level is almost, the most logical given the amount of coincidences.. 1. Webbed feet. 2. Samuels specific quote about Atlantis. 3. Have any of you noticed on Whos Who there is what looks to be a life preserver from a boat or ship around the actual machine itself? 4. Along with that, when you spawn in Whos Who as your "secondary-self", the moment you spawn in, if you look closely, there are bubbles of what looks like air in water floating up from around your body as if you just jumped into water. And that would also explain the distorted view you have while in Whos Who. 5. When on the loading screen and you can see the next page of the book in the bottom-right corner, you can see what looks to be valves. Now i know some people have said it looks like a film reel, but if you look closely the is a second "valve" in the backround behind the first. Just my opinion, but that is quite a bit of coincidences