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  1. Loading Screen Analysys, Zombie Timeline Hint?

    Hate to get of topic here But, while we have this great image of the green run loading screen thanks to OP. I would like to turn your attention to two things in this image. firstly, The bus on the left is red. Why? It is the same on the "thumbnail" when you are in a (greenrun) lobby. Secondly I don't know why this has never been pointed out but there is two buses depicted in the image, not once but twice! One is obviously the poster on the left hand side. The other is actually very well hidden. On the other side of the "median" on the right hand side there is clearly a bus, a blue bus like the one we are used to riding. Just thinking out loud. Edit: looking over the Town loading screen it looks to me like the teddy bear is holding the postcard. once again great image OP!