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    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Ok, here is what I believe happened in this video. I coould be wrong but, I need other to confirm. Someone in your game had purchased Jugg whilethe power was off, then you went down ormaybe re-spawned. Then oncethe power isturnedon, everyone who died automatically recieves the perk. This is more of a glitch type of accurance. But, moreinfomaybe needed to confirm. But, thishas happened to other people,and I have seen in other videos. It was some video on youtube I wasnt in the game which is why I dont really know exactly what happened, and I know the glitch ur talking about but if you notice in the beginning he just suddenly gets the jugg perk icon while alive fighting zombies, wasnt a revive or a death/power glitch kinda of thing.. at least I don't think so anyway, you can also hear his character say something, not sure exactly what but when I or anyone else get the other earnables the characters also say something to hint that you received it
  2. ThatDudeJaZy

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Hey, I was reading through this forum and decided to join since the content seems to be the best around. Excellent community you guys have here! The main reason I really wanted to join and comment was to get peoples opinions on this video regarding the jugg perma perk... I'm not really sure what to think about it seems to be a valid video and kid admits it actually went away after the game ended but he does show that he goes down... gets revived and jugg never went away, also shows the exact moment he acquires the jugg and you can see he didnt drink anything etc.... im not sure what to think, opinions appreciated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8GvFjfeq5A&feature=share&list=PLbRkvrP9y0Dbku_RAu_2Pcac-9X0F-Sui

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