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  1. Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    I would if y'all would add me. XBL: StripleR675
  2. Grief Mode General Discussion/FAQ/Directory

    So the last week has been non-stop Farm Grief mode for me. No Campaign, Multiplayer, Tranzit, or even Town Grief. I've been getting pretty decent and am almost always the one with the most kills, most revives, most headshots, highest score, and least amount downs. That being said, I can't get past wave 13 (most games end by 11-13). Even if my team WINS, it's still sad. I put in all this time and effort into getting all the perks and a badass setup from the mystery box, and then all the enemies go down, my team cleans up and it's over. I even go out of my way to help the other team when they're reviving a teammate, don't knock enemies over ledges, I don't screw with EMPs or when they're using the mystery box, and try my best not to block doorways. Even so, round 13 is the highest I've ever seen. I only have 2 friends that like to play Grief with me, so getting a full party of 8 is out of the question, but would anyone here like to play with us?
  3. Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    I tried this yesterday. Couldn't really hear the bus driver since I had a chatty bunch of teammates, but I succeeded in getting him to skip a stop. My teammates were all confused as they began shouting out in disbelief that he didn't stop.