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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Hardcore. Mode- basically a mode where you have no hud, and cannot see if someone needs to be revived. It takes. One hit to go down(2 with juggs) and these games would be quick. Map editor, PLEASE! Something that would let. You customize options in singleplayer/ split screen/private match such doors, perks weapons, zombie types etc. Would not count on leaderboards. game of the week- treyarch gives you 3 gamemodes and descriptions, people will vote for them, and which ever then people will be able to play it. They could bring back popular gamemodes. A mode with 5 players, 4 as survivors, the other as zombies. The zombies cann be spawned in 10s, naplms 1 napal, dogs, etc. You get 3000 points to star, and zombies cost points. Napalm(1000) dogs(500)zombies (300) and so on. You could command these and move them, so people cant run trains. This happns to be timed , and every 10 minutes, the survivors get a 2 minute break. If someone dosent play for 5 minutes, ai will tke over the game ends it ends when survivors are overwhelmed, or if zombies run out of points my ideas likke or disaagree, and share yourr ideas