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    hello all, im Kingz. i have been visiting this sit for the past year and a half, only viewing the posts on the old homepage you guys had. im a big fan of zombis and heard about this sit back when the GKNOVA6 viral was realesed. i found a video on youtube talking about it, and that video led me here. how ever i just today made an account, in the hopes i can contribute any info or ideas to the nw theories to zombies, with the upcoming release of Black Ops 2(already pre-ordered so i can the poster). a little about my self. im only 15 and have been in love with video games since i was little. my first game ever played was sonic i think on my dad's old N64. i have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since i was 8, Muy Thai since i was 10, and started my first year of highschool wrestling as a freshman. i hope on day i can make it into the ufc and go pro. i am also part of a ps3 gaming clan called Blitzkrieg. although im young, i am part of the staff holding the position of Officer(basically i, along with 3 others, help make decisions with the admins to make our site and clan better). however im not here to recruit, just to hav fun and contribute whatever i can to codz. i also do a bit of GFX work. i make my own sigs and someitmes usrbars. also i apologize in advance if i use bad spelling and grammar, im not th best typer and my E is kinda brokn sometims.

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