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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Here's what I think they should do in the next installment of zombies. 1. Host migration is something that NEEDS to be addressed and implemented, I know that everyone has either had someone who's left mid game, or been the host and had to leave mid game. 2. Stop putting in stupid perks like dead shot. I never really used the perk, it's not something that I think is very useful. When they think of perks I want something more game changing and useful then just auto targeting to the head. 3. A ranking system, but before you skip over this I think I have a way to make it work for everyone. I like the idea of having a ranking system that can somehow change zombies. I want 2 different 'game types' of zombies, classic and ranked. In classic zombies it's going to be like how it's always been, you start with a pistol and progress like you always have for the hardcore zombies player. But ranked zombies is for the more casual or just wanting to have fun zombies player. In ranked zombies you rank up by doing different challenges, at the end of your game you could reach say rank 5, so then for your next game you can start the game with a different gun instead of a pistol (eg. Starting the game with a Thompson) in this ranked or fun playing mode you can also customize what zombies are in the map and just do the fun things you want to do. Suggestions or edits would be nice and helpful. Really looking foward to the next zombies !