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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Odd how nobody's spotted the SPAS but they have it in the images.
  2. Counter Earth Theory

    Yeah, a sort of reset is due. Counter Earth would be great for that. Not to mention they could do some crazy cool shit with the art and layout when not confined to real earth-ish places. Or is counter Earth exactly the same geographically?
  3. Counter Earth Theory

    Exactly, because at some point they'll have a map where you're fighting on a space volcano inside a giant robotic Romero who is simultaneously fighting Galactus. It is at that point that Zombies has lost its cha- Wait a minute. That sounds fucking amazing. Someone get Treyarch on the line!
  4. Counter Earth Theory

    I would prefer counter-earth to MOAR space or just another post-apocalyptic setting. I always find crazy scientific theories and myths to be the most interesting part of COD Zombies. The mode needs a goddamn campaign.