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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Single shot, laser accurate gun with potential to kill zombies with 1 headshot. Weak body damage though, only the accurate are rewarded. And please, I asked for it before every map pack in BO, just bring back the flamethrower. I remember amassing over 100,000 points one game while watching a window on Der Riese. Please bring it back, every window watcher loves it.
  2. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Game length. Have 4 player zombie games become dragged out? I understand this is one of the base fundamental features of zombies, is that you go until you die, but should the game get harder earlier on? Let's look at all the things that have made zombies easier to play since Nacht: Perks Traps Pack A Punch Weapons with infinite damage Now, I absolutely love every one of these changes, but doesn't it seem like with all these changes, something could have been done to make the game harder as well? Zombies still (I believe) have the same base speed as they did in Nacht (except those ones on Verruckt, yet I mysteriously haven't seen any that fast since) and they also never get any more damaging. Obvioulsy they gain more health, and that makes the game more challenging, but that also makes games take longer as the game becomes more reliant on kiting, which takes longer than holding a position. That brings me to my question. Currently, I'd say the average finishing rounds for a 4 player game are rounds 25-30 .(obviously slightly higher or lower depending on the map) Is there a way to bring that average down to 20-25? Would it ruin the zombie fundamentals that have already been established, and that we all love? Is game length more dependant on map design, or the fact that the teen rounds have become a breeze with all the new additions from Black Ops DLC maps? What do you guys think? Is there a way to make the average game shorter, without killing established zombie fundamentals, and still allowing us to have all the fun things we love about the modern zombie maps?