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  1. Ended up with 39/63. Like you said, I was kicking myself on some of these.
  2. Map: Ascension Highest Round: 73 Players: Solo Strategy Used: Classic Widow's Lander Train using Dingo w/ Dead Wire Gobblegums used: Just Immolation to get the Thunder Gun.
  3. Have had the staff getting stuck glitch like many others as well. Only solution to that is not switching staves, instead returning one before picking up another. Another one I had on Origins was one of the robots' feet killing me while in the trenches stepping over me. Not really a glitch but I want to be able to return WW with the hacker on Moon.
  4. Played my first game getting to round 54 a couple nights ago and I started off thinking it was much harder considering the speed of the zombies and how fast they hit you, and I went down a couple of times. I eventually realized Widow's Wine was more of a hindrance than a useful perk, and ended up on 54 getting tired and going to bed. Since then I'm avoiding Widow's Wine when I want to run circles, which is most games. I think the perk might have made me worse honestly, and the maps are much easier to train without it constantly messing with your horde. So minus Widow's Wine I'm finding the maps easier and much much faster to get to high rounds.
  5. I love this analysis. While I think Jimmy Zielinski should have just stuck with TranZit and improved upon it on its own, I admire his ambition. The idea of multiple game modes is something I could see being explored in the future if they ever did a zombies-based game. There's a lot they could do there. It could have the main survival map as per usual and a remake/side map as DLC. There could be a zombies campaign, maybe following Victis between Die Rise and Buried or just a completely new set of people separate from the main story, kind of like Nightmares but designed specifically for zombies. Multiplayer could have maps based on the campaign missions and zombies maps of the past, with all the usual game modes, killstreaks, and create-a-class. Then they can add bonus games like Grief, Turned, Meat, and any more they desire. I think it is doable with the team they have now, I'm just curious how the general audience would react to a zombies-centric game since many are so focused on gritty and realistic again.
  6. I'm most intersted in doing Book 4 (Primis) and Tales right now. But I may mix it up just to keep myself from getting into a rut.
  7. Have you ever wanted to experience the Call of Duty Zombies storyline as a narrative, interweaving all the little details to make a story that can be read anywhere? The CoD Zombies Storybook is an anthology project, telling every facet of the zombies storyline in a narrative fashion for easier reading and understanding, with some artistic liberties and theories thrown in to keep the story cohesive. If you would like to view each chapter on the site, click here. You can click any chapter on the sidebar to the left, and any major changes to chapters since their publishing will be noted at the bottom of the page If you would like to view a .pdf version of my work, click here for Book 1 and click here for Book 2. Description of Book 1 (Work in Progress) Book 1 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Doctor Edward Richtofen in the events preceding Shi No Numa chronologically. Read on from Richtofen's twisted point of view as he plots the downfall of colleague Doctor Maxis, and know the full extent of Group 935's cooperation with Nazi Germany. Description of Book 2 (Work in Progress) Book 2 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski, formally known as Ultimis, as they travel through time and space fighting Samantha's minions. Learn more about the infamous main cast of Black Ops Zombies as they fight the undead in pursuit of Richtofen's grand plan. Description of Book 3 (Coming Soon) Book 3 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Samuel Stuhlinger, Marlton Johnson, and Russman, formally known as Victis, as they fight the undead on the hellscape that was once Earth. Following the events of Moon, humanity is at the will of two mysterious voices from beyond commanding them to do their bidding. Just as in Black Ops 2 Zombies, readers will be able to choose who our heroes follow in their quest to find peace in the apocalypse. Description of Book 4 (Coming Soon) Book 4 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski from an alternate universe and known formally as Primis, starting at their first acquaintance at the dig site in France with Origins, all the way through their journey to set things right in Black Ops 3. Description of Tales from the Multiverse (Work in Progress) Tales from the Multiverse will be a collection of assorted stories depicted in ciphers, radios, as well as standalone maps. Smaller stories such as Mob of the Dead and Shadows of Evil will be held here. Also in the Tales book will be stories such as Takeo Masaki's time on the island depicted in Zetsubou No Shima, held in captivity and tortured, or the adventures of Brock and Gary, searching for the mysterious Shangri-La. Stories in Tales from the Multiverse will be divided into arcs, with those arcs having individual chapters, and stories in this book will show up sporadically as I write the other books, because of their standalone nature. My goal with the storybook is for readers to have an easy to understand and an entertaining source of zombies knowledge. If you have any criticism or any concern regarding accuracy of information, please ask in this thread. The purpose of this thread is to suggest any changes and provide criticism for the way the story is told. I am an amateur writer, and criticism will only help me. I will also use this thread to update when a new chapter is posted. NOTE TO ANY NEW READERS: Do not take my work as a definitive understanding of the storyline. Understand that there are many points in the zombies storyline left ambiguous or that were completely abandoned by Treyarch. My goal with the storybook is to use commonly accepted theories from the community to fill in these gaps to create a cohesive story. Simply, do not use my storybook as the be-all end-all source of storyline knowledge, as much of it is speculation, and as the storyline continues to evolve under community intervention, things will change in the story.
  8. It depends what you'd rather have in a map. To me, Die Rise is a more vertical TranZit, with a lot of map to explore. Personally I dislike the map, and it's the only one I do. But don't let that dissuade you, because that's just me. The wonder weapon is really cool, and the map can be very fun with the trample steam, sliquifier, and guns like the AN94. If you're looking for something simple and charming I'd go with Nuketown. There's not much too crazy here, it's pretty much just nuketown but with zombies running in. About all the weapons are the same apart from the LSAT and M27. It is decently challenging to train on this map. The only problem is perks randomly spawn in every 5 or so rounds along with pack a punch, so you can potentially get to round 20 and still not have jugg. But it provides some variability everytime you play. So just consider what you want from the map and consider the price difference. As for Call of the Dead, I think the map is great and would take it over both. It has a lot of ways to play and George keeps you on your toes, preventing the map from being too easy.
  9. Well folks, here is chapter 4 of Book 1, Success: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch4 I'm sorry for the really long wait and very slow releases. Truth is I think I'm a little burnt out writing about Ultimis, probably because it's pretty much all I've written about so far. I think I'm going to start writing in a non-linear fashion, just writing what I feel most interested in at the moment, because I think that makes them better and I should write more often that way. I also want to slow down the releases a bit, and try to release several chapters at once. Starting a chapter then dropping it for something else can be frustrating and jarring for the reader and I want to try and release clusters of chapters that make something satisfying rather than one at a time with a completely unknown amount of time between. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter, and don't worry, I will get back to Book 1 when I'm back in the mood. I have a basic outline of every chapter I want in the entire book.
  10. 1. Moon 2. Origins 3. Shadows of Evil 4. Der Eisendrache 5. "Five"
  11. I agree Maxis is not as innocent as he seems. I'd even be willing to say he is responsible for Richtofen's descent into madness when he was unimpressed by Richtofen and Schuster's work on the MTD. I think all his time working with 115 to create an undead army drove him mad, making him just as manic and unpredictable, i.e. killing himself in front of his daughter and having him murder all his former colleagues for some sick revenge. I was also of the belief Maxis was evil ever since Moon when he cackled maniacally as he launched the rockets. Sure he was trying to undermine the evil Edward Richtofen, but he did not care about the loss of life whatsoever. Honestly I can see how he could have been evil since the Der Riese radios where he screams at Richtofen for simply speaking, calling him a fool. No wonder Richtofen wanted him dead in the end. As for unleashing the Apothicons, I can see that being a motivation, however I'd be more inclined to say he just wanted to undermine Richtofen and reunite with the only one he cares about, Sam, no matter the cost.
  12. Speed Cola should always be there in the MP40 room, but Mule Kick will only appear on all the maps except Moon if you are playing online. Playing offline makes it disappear.
  13. The Dead Flowers music video is probably the most unique and I love it for it. For me it was when the storytelling became really abstract, and it also made me love Takeo's character development in Zetsubou. Not to mention the creepy vibes.
  14. I just want something different from the normal Treyarch mode to mix things up. I'm hoping something between Extinction and Survival from MW3. Also hoping the story isn't phoned in like Exo-Zombies and IW Zombies.
  15. I also nominate @Blurryfacewho has been active nearly every day in nearly every forum, even when no one else is.
  16. 935

    I agree that would be hard to hide, however, consider this from the timeline: Every mention after December 20th, 1942 of Maxis refers to his work on trying to control the undead. Then in: The timeline implies Maxis was stationed at the Kino facility for almost 3 years. I believe he would have left every so often, but not for long periods of time, and probably not as far as Der Eisendrache, more likely to Der Riese, or to wherever his daughter was at the time. 1942 is also the year Griffin Station is completed and likely when operations between it and Earth were established. I think in the three years time Richtofen's people could have made all the additions that we see in the 1945 version in-game. Maxis had really no idea what Richtofen was doing for that entire time, entrusting him with many responsibilities, even allowing him to take custody of his own daughter (idiotic move, to be honest). I actually wouldn't be too shocked if Richtofen told Maxis that Griffin Station existed, but that it was somewhere on Earth.
  17. As far as I know Brian Tuey wrote most of the jingles, and probably composed the ones that weren't free that anyone can use (Juggernog's tune is actually just a free track that anyone can use). As for who sings them I'm not sure.
  18. 935

    I'm curious, where does Maxis mention knowing of Griffin Station in DE? Or is it just an assumption based on the computers displaying the Station?
  19. What is Kustover Posten? Well the only reference we have to the place is in a single Moon audio reel. This is the transcript of the part of the audio reel we care about: See, here's the funny thing, we don't even know if what Schuster says IS "Kustover Posten", but it is the accepted transcription. Past this audio reel we really have nothing else to go off of in the story to determine exactly what this place is and what it is for, but we can speculate. First off, I am 99% confident the last word is Posten, and if that is the case it is a German location. I don't know if I didn't look hard enough, but I can't find anything on the meaning of Kustover, if that truly is what Schuster says. In that case it may be a proper noun such as a name or city. Posten just translates to post which in context can refer either to mail (sending something to the post) or to a job or occupation. So the name itself is not a super helpful tip as to where it may be located or what it is for, but the context the place is used in gives some clue. What Schuster is referring to by the "shipment" is this event from the timeline, depicted in a previous audio reel: So Richtofen appears to be smuggling in living subjects working for Group 935 to be murdered before the MPD. Grim work, indeed. Schuster says that the bodies are either buried (to be resurrected later and kill everyone, as well as rise back up in the events of Moon) or they are sent back to Kustover Posten. The use of back implies that this is where they are getting their supply of "scientists and soldiers". This begs the question, is Kustover Posten a Group 935 facility? We are led to believe so since they are getting scientists from it. That is unless Kustover Posten is some sort of middle man location where Richtofen's followers send people to be killed for the MPD and be picked up all together in one "shipment". It's also possible, since we hear nothing else about this facility, that Kustover Posten is not a major Group 935 operation, and Doctor Maxis wouldn't notice a few missing scientists and soldiers meant to be guarding the place. The final potential use of Kustover is as a sort of independent prison. We know from Maxis' induction speech that Group 935 is hardcore, and incredibly secretive, such that you must cut all ties with family (a bit hypocritical of you, Ludvig, with your daughter and all). It's totally possible that Group 935 has its own prison for spies in the organization, which could still be classified as "scientists" as well as soldiers that guard the prison OR are sent in by the Nazis. It's possible Peter McCain was going to be sent there after he was captured and before he managed to escape Verruckt. Anyway, that was my over-analysis of the ever-elusive Kustover Posten. Let me know your thoughts and what you think is the most likely purpose for the place, and if you think it may pop up again alongside the other obscure Zombies story threads, such as Group 601.
  20. 935

    Not to mention the appearance of Doctor Schuster in the Nuketown loading screen, if we are to believe it takes place at Nuketown, which is a stone's throw away from Area 51 apparently. To me it would make no sense for Group 935 as a whole to be working with the American government considering their alliance with the Nazi Party. My theory is Richtofen's splinter group was working with them in some capacity, establishing their base in Nevada and using it as a source of 115 for their Moon projects. It would help explain where Richtofen managed to get all the funding and equipment to build Griffin Station. In return, he may have been channeling 935 secrets to the US. It's also possible Richtofen could have just used his clout as a scientist to convince the US to let him operate at Area 51 as he saw fit. Perhaps he is the one that essentially "won" the US the Space Race, allowing them to travel to the Moon freely with his MTD after 935 fell. Either way, the US honored Richtofen enough to make a portrait of him and place it up in the Pentagon. That is why I think he was working with them.
  21. Here's the Moon Samantha's Lullaby: Credit to Xtc_Blades on Reddit.
  22. I live in Mississippi, US, near the Jackson area.
  23. Chapter 3: "Revelations" is now up on the Storybook section of the site! Months after the incident involving the MTD and a dead man rising from the dead, Doctor Richtofen sits down for lunch with his colleagues only to uncover a secret which has the potential to affect the plans of his contemporaries in the Illuminati.
  24. I was initially turned off by the show because of the high school setting and archetypes for the characters, as someone who only recently graduated high school and hated that time in my life. But I'm glad I stuck with it, as the show really picked up in the middle and by the end I was fully invested. I think the show does a great job of showing the worst traits people can have and how we affect other people in small and big ways. The controversy I have heard around the show is that it glorifies suicide. While I disagree with that interpretation, I can see how the show can affect someone who is already suicidal or depressed, and I don't recommend it to someone dealing with such problems. The show is graphic and realistic in illustrating what life is like for someone who is depressed so that general audiences can have a better understanding of it.
  25. It's an interesting thought and I could see it being retconned in in someway, given recent events like Ultimis being in the Chronicles version of Nacht. As Monty says in the Nacht and Verruckt radios, they were never there, but then they were. With this idea in mind it's totally possible every version of these maps is canon in a different cycle. So that includes WaW Nacht, BO1 Nacht, and BO3 Nacht, plus even possibly iOS Nacht with zombie Richtofen and all. However I do doubt that Blundell and the rest of the story team is considering this when they write the story, but it's always possible. Also some other interesting things to note about iOS zombies: - Finding Peter McCain's grave in Shi No Numa - In Call of the Dead you play as Ultimis - The sillhouette painting in Kino is omitted Then there's the Wii version of Kino with the slight differences such as the AUG on the stage, the projector playing a completely different film about the Great Leap Forward, and the pictures of future maps. Who knows, maybe these obscure ported versions of maps may be considered a part of the canon in the future. And yep, I loved World at War zombies on iOS. Black Ops unfortunately disappointed me with the changed controls though.

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