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  1. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    I should have been more specific, it isn’t scrapped, it is now chapter 28 on the side.
  2. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Have you ever wanted to experience the Call of Duty Zombies storyline as a narrative, interweaving all the little details to make a story that can be read anywhere? The CoD Zombies Storybook is an anthology project, telling every facet of the zombies storyline in a narrative fashion for easier reading and understanding, with some artistic liberties and theories thrown in to keep the story cohesive. If you would like to view each chapter on the site, click here. You can click any chapter on the sidebar to the left, and any major changes to chapters since their publishing will be noted at the bottom of the page Description of Book 1 (Work in Progress) Book 1 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Doctor Edward Richtofen in the events preceding Shi No Numa chronologically. Read on from Richtofen's twisted point of view as he plots the downfall of colleague Doctor Maxis, and know the full extent of Group 935's cooperation with Nazi Germany. Description of Book 2 (Coming Soon) Book 2 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski, formally known as Ultimis, as they travel through time and space fighting Samantha's minions. Learn more about the infamous main cast of Black Ops Zombies as they fight the undead in pursuit of Richtofen's grand plan. Description of Book 3 (Coming Soon) Book 3 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Samuel Stuhlinger, Marlton Johnson, and Russman, formally known as Victis, as they fight the undead on the hellscape that was once Earth. Following the events of Moon, humanity is at the will of two mysterious voices from beyond commanding them to do their bidding. Just as in Black Ops 2 Zombies, readers will be able to choose who our heroes follow in their quest to find peace in the apocalypse. Description of Book 4 (Coming Soon) Book 4 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski from an alternate universe and known formally as Primis, starting at their first acquaintance at the dig site in France with Origins, all the way through their journey to set things right in Black Ops 3. Description of Tales from the Multiverse (Work in Progress) Tales from the Multiverse will be an anthology of assorted stories depicted in ciphers, radios, as well as standalone maps. Smaller stories such as Mob of the Dead and Shadows of Evil will be held here. Also in the Tales book will be stories such as Takeo Masaki's time on the island depicted in Zetsubou No Shima, held in captivity and tortured, or the adventures of Brock and Gary, searching for the mysterious Shangri-La. Stories in Tales from the Multiverse will be divided into arcs, with those arcs having individual chapters, and stories in this book will show up sporadically as I write the other books, because of their standalone nature. My goal with the storybook is for readers to have an easy to understand and an entertaining source of zombies knowledge. If you have any criticism or any concern regarding accuracy of information, please ask in this thread. The purpose of this thread is to suggest any changes and provide criticism for the way the story is told. I am an amateur writer, and criticism will only help me. I will also use this thread to update when a new chapter is posted. NOTE TO ANY NEW READERS: Do not take my work as a definitive understanding of the storyline. Understand that there are many points in the zombies storyline left ambiguous or that were completely abandoned by Treyarch. My goal with the storybook is to use commonly accepted theories from the community to fill in these gaps to create a cohesive story. Simply, do not use my storybook as the be-all end-all source of storyline knowledge, as much of it is speculation, and as the storyline continues to evolve under community intervention, things will change in the story.
  3. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    So here is Chapter 8 of Book 1, after a long wait, "Paradise Lost"! An interesting chapter for sure. I also had to rearrange some chapters, because as it turns out the OSS wasn't even formed until 1942 so Schlaukopf didn't make a whole lot of sense where it was. Also, they dissolve and the CIA eventually forms in 1947, which is weird because Cornellius is referred to as a CIA handler in 1945 in the timeline. Probably a slip up on Treyarch's part. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the chapter! Also, to help myself keep track of the events going down in this storybook, since it has such a massive scope, I have created a personal timeline, which includes all of the original timeline Treyarch gave us, and I have added many, many events. It is not complete as I come up with more ideas, but if anyone would be interested in seeing it as it is right now I could upload it.
  4. The trailer also showed Mob of the Dead and I believe Five. This shot was from the Zombies Chronicles trailer. I don’t think Primis is confirmed just yet. The trailer was just a collection of clips from the past 3 games.
  5. So recently, I have been re-reading the comics and have been giving some thought to the direction this story may go given that issue #6 is the newest piece of media in this canon. I have been thinking of Blundell's tendency of teasing future maps with Black Ops III. There were little notes and coordinates connecting the current map to the upcoming one. But one small easter egg was found but shortly forgotten in Der Eisendrache that has only re-appeared once: at the last page of Comic #6. The easter egg in question is the London newspaper easter egg, which as of right now is not very well documented. There is a newspaper in the control room of Der Eisendrache which details a huge parade, pictured here: Upon acquiring the flaming plunger through another small easter egg and killing zombies near the paper with the plunger, the zombies will warp away as if being teleported, and then upon looking at the paper it looks like this: And after getting even more plunger kills, the paper will change once more. I appear to have run out of space for posting pictures, so I will post the others I mention in the comments. The last iteration of the paper reads "'ZOMBIE' ATTACK IN THE HEART OF LONDON!", with a nearby panel reading "Parliament gathers for emergency meeting" The running theory with this easter egg is that since the plunger is taken from another time through time travel, killing zombies with it causes them to be sent through time to London, and we are changing the future through our actions. Now, this is a neat little easter egg, but it was not solid enough evidence of things to come to really be sure. However, over a year later, issue 6 of the comic series ended with an altered loading screen from the past, very similar to the ones in previous comics, but very few talk about this one. It appears like the original Mob of the Dead loading screen, but with a page torn and Richtofen's scribblings. But more interesting is the newspaper clipping tucked behind the page, which matches exactly the final iteration of the newspaper from Der Eisendrache, with the Parliament meeting text visible. On one hand this could just be a way of connecting the theme of changing the past in the last comic to the paper which represents such actions. But I feel it is somewhat symbolic for this to be on the final page of the entire series, marking a sort of teaser for the future. This paper appearing twice is, I think an indication of London's future appearance in our game. Personally, along with London, I feel Mob of the Dead will be remastered, with Victis as the playable characters, similar to The Giant. My primary reasoning is that Victis is put on ice at the end of the same comic teasing London, under Alcatraz. Also Blundell stated that since Mob was not in Chronicles, they had another use for it in the future. If that is the case, then I think the London map may be a stand-alone map with actors like Shadows of Evil, if we are following the same formula as BO3. But, Treyarch is known to break the formula, so who knows how this will play out? What do you all think? Also, thank you @anonymous for suggesting I post this.
  6. That would be cool as a night map, but lately I’ve been wanting some brighter and more colorful maps like Shang. But I could go either way.
  7. Doctor Edward Richtofen: A man of many talents, many stories, and many alignments. A deeply troubled individual for which the fate of an entire multiverse belongs to; From the beginning until the foreseeable future. Often we see him as the goofy, very disturbed doctor with a love for murder and a tendency for lies. However, looking deeper into his history through many different timelines, we can paint the portrait of a man with a troubled past living in a very unfortunate time for the world, and let down by those around him. Today, I will highlight the events of Doctor Richtofen's many lives which stand out to me most in making him a sympathetic character. Before Group 935 Eddie was an orphaned child, surrounded by children from similar backgrounds. He was teased and bullied by the others; They scrawled out on the walls, "Teddy is a liar." He claims to have had a sister as well, whom he released his anger towards by smashing her dolls. He admired science, even claiming his father was a famous scientist, though, in truth, he did not know their true identities. Without the attention of a parental figure or his peers he developed many anxieties, feeling a desperate need for attention and appreciation. To cope, he slept with a stuffed teddy bear at night, even into adulthood. As he grew, it became apparent he was a truly special, bright boy. He had a knack for science, making a name for himself in the community and even publishing his own book. In 1925, he joined the Illuminati; Who is to say why? But if you ask me, I think he saw the problems in the world following the Great War. Imperialism and greed had taken precedence over discovery and wonder. Richtofen saw an opportunity to have a hand in a new order for mankind, one brighter than the status quo. In 1931, science would change forever as Doctor Ludvig Maxis discovered Element 115 in Germany, and formed a scientific organization known as Group 935. In 1936, Richtofen accepted an invitation into the organization, with the intent of advancing the Illuminati's interest; Perhaps some of his only friends in this cruel world. Richtofen's Downfall With a bright future ahead, Edward Richtofen threw himself into his research under Doctor Maxis, a man he held a deep respect for. With his help, Richtofen managed to achieve a great many advancements. Together they initiated testing on teleportation, accidentally creating the first undead. Richtofen, however held no interest in the undead. Instead focusing his attention on the MTD, and a pet project he hoped to dazzle Maxis with, the Wunderwaffe DG-2. In a stroke of genius, Doctor Richtofen and peer Doctor Schuster teleport a walnut; The first ever teleportation. The sheer magnitude of this breakthrough was palpable, or so they thought. Unfortunately, Doctor Maxis had become corporate and, as Eddie puts it, obtuse. In need of funding, Maxis swept the rug out from under his scientists and diverted all resources into work for the Nazi German war effort, effectively alienating his non-German scientists, and curbing Richtofen's achievement for the time being. Disheartened and still passionate about the project, Richtofen continued, truly believing in 935's maxim, "To improve the human condition." Volunteering himself to be the first human test subject, Richtofen took the plunge and in a botched experiment, was sent to the Moon. Here he uncovered a long lost artifact of an ancient civilization: the MPD. Fascinated and awe-stricken, Richtofen touched the pyramid, forever damning himself as a slave to the Apothicons. It began as a hushed voice, but within less than a month, he returned to Doctor Schuster crazed and manic. The Richtofen that had entered the MTD did not return to Der Riese. Lies, Deception, Murder Over the next few years, Richtofen's mind slowly deteriorated. He had left the Illuminati, now performing the bidding of the voices inside his head who promised him power. Perhaps he felt with all of that power he could make the world a better place, or at least that is what he told himself. Behind Maxis' back, he experimented on his daughter and stole Group 935 assets to build a secret moon base to attempt to control the mysterious pyramid device for himself. His paranoia worsened, and Richtofen saw no others as friends, only pawns in his game whom he was desperate for admiration from. In one last attempt at garnering respect from Doctor Maxis, Richtofen perfected the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a weapon with incredible potential, and yet, it was not put into production despite Maxis' promises. Richtofen had made his decision: Doctor Maxis would pay dearly for his actions. Taking the opportunity, Richtofen attempted to murder Maxis and his daughter, locking them in with a hound corrupted by the Aether. Enacting the next phase of his plan, on October 14th, 1945, he releases his three test subjects as temporary allies in his scheme, also unleashing hordes of undead upon Der Riese, killing many of its members. Richtofen and his unconventional allies traveled across the globe, through space and time, and all the while he kept up the lie that there was hope of returning home in the end. In reality, Richtofen's plan was to take control of the MPD from Samantha, which he did. Maxis, however, had survived, and lusted for revenge against Richtofen. The two waged an impersonal war upon each other; With humans of Earth suffering the wrath of both sides' actions. War broken out between factions on Earth, and four special survivors, later known as Victis, were the most successful, following the orders of Maxis in the end despite Samuel Stuhlinger's corruption by Richtofen. Now in control of the Aether, Maxis punished Richtofen for his actions, damning him to eternally live the life of a zombie, die, and repeat. Richtofen's actions had caught up to him, and it seemed he would be damned to an eternal hell for the atrocities he had committed, and the damage he had caused to space and time. Redemption? At some point, Edward was contacted by a voice, not like those he had heard in his head, but that of himself. Another Edward Richtofen. This Edward was different. He came from a different era, he was young and still hopeful; He wanted to do the right thing. Why should he help this other version of himself? There was no way to take revenge on Maxis any further. With his daughter gone, the Maxis he had known had lost all purpose and had nothing to lose. This other Richtofen did not offer him any power, or really any type of reward. He only needed help in his plan to set things right in his own strange way. I think, truthfully, that without the voices in his head and the power of the MPD corrupting him any further, Richtofen had seen what his actions had done to his world. He felt regret and wanted to atone for his actions, and so he agreed to help the other Richtofen. He was given a zombified body like his own, and followed his instructions to guide Victis along their way to retrieve the Kronorium at Zero Base. In the end, Victis completed their mission, and our Richtofen collected their blood, giving it to his other self upon arrival. The young Richtofen did not seem to feel any sympathy for zombie Richtofen, though he thanked him for his work. Young Richtofen blamed him for taking advantage of Samuel before leaving forever. What happened to Richtofen then, you may ask? With his actions complete, potentially saving the future of the universe via the blood vials, Richtofen was now alone in his zombie body at Zero Base. But as stated in the last two issues, this world would not last now that it had had human contact. This small pocket of the universe would soon disappear, and Richtofen would finally be given peace, and the assurance that he may have redeemed himself for his past sins. It's my firm belief that Richtofen, in his many iterations, is a brilliant man who begins with good intentions. But through forces outside of his control, he is taken advantage of, and he inevitably creates chaos everywhere he goes. He wants to be the hero, but he is flawed, and burdened with knowledge. He is the universe's destructor and savior all at the same time, and he never asked for that. He's a lonely, deprived child in a man's body with a need for respect from those he admires. Doctor Edward Richtofen is a tragic character.
  8. Are we real?

    But aren't complex math and formula's a human creation? Our interpretation of the way the universe works? What even is real? We define what real is, and I think therefore we define ourselves as real. Another question, what is not real? If you can think of something that is not real, doesn't thinking of it make it real?
  9. Recently I've been thinking about the random little easter eggs throughout the series, and one that stuck out to me today was the series of jump scare images we have seen in Black Ops II and Black Ops III. The most recent, from Shadows of Evil makes the most sense in retrospective. The zombified version of Richtofen from the Giant foreshadowed his appearance in the comics. Then there's the jump scare on Origins, which I think isn't totally complicated. It just seems to be a skull, possibly of one of the knight's templar buried at the dig site. I also don't think the scream that accompanies the image is totally notable. But there is much more to discuss in regards to the jump scare of Mob of the Dead, pictured here: Now the way I see it, there is a few possibilities to the identity of this face. 1. This is a character we knew at the time Mob of the Dead released, or it is a character we know about now in retrospect, but the face is not similar enough for us to have said for sure. 2. This was meant to foreshadow something or someone to come but their role in the story was dropped leaving this loose thread. 3. The face is a random zombie just meant to scare you. What leads me to this conclusion is the way the eyes are set apart and what looks like veins all over the face. 4. This is a Treyarch employee and they put the face in as a sort of in-joke. Now honestly, I don't think this easter egg will be explained in the future due to its insignificance, so I don't see the harm in discussing it. If it was a cut future character or a Treyarch employee, we will never really know until Treyarch says so. But let's just assume neither of those are true for the sake of fun, shall we? The running theories range far and wide. Basically any male character with facial hair has been thrown into the mix. - Russman (I can see it and it would have been relevant during the map's release, but it just wasn't similar enough.) - Nero Blackstone (I can see this one due to the mustache, and it is worth noting that as of 2013 they probably hadn't finalized the look for Nero for 2015, and probably could not have predicted he would be played by Jeff Goldblum. So if they really planned that far ahead there's no way they would know exactly what the character would look like.) - Shadowman/Mr. Rapt, or Monty (Again, I don't think they knew what actors would portray these characters in the future and may have initially designed them this way. Also we don't know what the Shadowman's alter ego, Mr. Rapt, looked like.) - Maxis? (They knew what he looked like as they were probably working on the initial designs for Origins as Mob released, but the face doesn't look too close to me.) - A zombie (As I said before the face has what looks like scars or veins, and the face is clearly troubled in some way. Plus the eyes seem strangely set apart. The only thing against this theory is also in the eyes, as the retinas and pupil can be seen when every zombie seen in game and comics has had their entire eyes glow.) Honestly, I don't think this image was meant to have any significance, but there very well could be something here. I'd love to hear thoughts on this.
  10. A Retrospective on the Jumpscares

    I had never heard that theory before and that sounds very plausible to me! I mean at the time of Der Riese's release they had just finished the WaW campaign months prior and were now drafting the campaign for Black Ops, so placing Reznov in the story would make a lot of sense and I'm surprised he has not been in more. I may just have to fit that in to the Storybook somewhere... My only problem with Reznov losing his finger at Der Riese is if that is the case the mission where you first meet him in Stalingrad doesn't make sense, because he has a rifle with him yet cannot fire it without his finger, so it must have been blown off recently. So unless broke into a 935 encampment in Stalingrad that had these schematics for Der Riese, I don't know if it is related, unless this is an alternate history. But as for the jump scare, it does not look much like him but I am open to the possibility. If he is a character we know, I could see him being an early version of Nero, as it looks a lot like him in this image, just zoomed and distorted: And I'm glad you liked Django! One of my favorite movies. I would recommend the spiritual successor also by Tarantino, The Hateful Eight. It isn't as action packed as Django and takes place mostly all in one location, and it doesn't have any returning characters. But it takes place after slavery was abolished an tensions were still high in the US, and a bunch of untrustworthy people are trapped in a cabin during a blizzard, and they have to unravel a mystery about the other people they are staying with. It also stars Michael Madsen (Finn O'Leary of Mob of the Dead). Another Quentin Tarantino movie I think you'd like is Inglorious Basterds if you have not seen that. It's a World War II movie with the same type of lighthearted-yet-intense revenge tone that Django has, and Christoph Waltz (Dr. Schultz) plays a Nazi and he is fantastic at it.
  11. [Broken Glass] Prologue: Adamant

    I look forward to seeing where this goes!
  12. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Like the Jeb Brown story being based on the new song lyrics, the Frank Woods Vietnam story is based on the fairly innocuous poster found at Raven Software: And yes, if the timeline works out, this will be a prequel to the SOG mission, and might explain why Woods looks like, as Mason puts it, hammered shit. Also the 115 tattoo on his arm. The Buried town may very well be near Nevada, but will be described as being somewhere in the American midwest as they were mostly territories at the time. The nacht and verruckt chapters I only really had one planned, so I may do just that. Call of the Dead I have a bit more planned since the map is so big and there’s secrets to explore.
  13. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Over the past week or so I have been adding to and adjusting the outline for book 1 and I should start going all in on chapters again soon hopefully. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all every synopsis for every Tales from the Multiverse arc I have planned, including a new one based around that recently released full Pack-a-Punch jingle! They are as follows: Night of the Undead Four lone marines once serving under Sergeant Raines have crashed nearby a foggy, desolate airfield deep within Germany. Though the war is over, there is something within the fog still hunting them... Their mission to escort a spy into Group 935 has turned to a fight for survival in a concrete bunker against hordes of undead Nazis. They had driven them deep into the heart of the Reich. They thought they were dead. They were wrong. Extraction at the Asylum With their Corporal, "Tank" Dempsey, and their sergeant nowhere to be found, John "Banana" and Smokey must fight to survive the day in the hellish nightmare that is Verruckt, Group 935's asylum facility. They discover the real reason the asylum was abandoned, and attempt to make contact with the outside world as they fight through waves of undead, mangled and tortured in life and hungry for their flesh in death. Attack on the Pentagon Four of the world's most influential figures meet inside the Pentagon to discuss a peaceful end to a Cold War, but only find themselves fighting for their lives to survive a horror long-since thought to be gone. Join John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon as they uncover secrets about the source of this apocalypse, as well as secrets about each other. Trouble in Khe Sanh Years following the events of "Attack on the Pentagon", Sergeant Frank Woods and a team of America's most qualified Black Ops agents have united on a mission deep into the jungles of Vietnam where a plague is said to have wiped out an entire village of people. There Woods and his team uncover technologies beyond their comprehension and a whole new breed of enemy. Call of the Dead A story of four lone survivors, one forsaken crew, and a shipload of the undead. The bone-chilling tale inspired by legendary director George Romero! It's anchors away for brain-splattering action! The actors of George Romero's modern zombie thriller by the name of Call of the Dead, are thrust into a zombie story more real than they could have predicted. Danny Trejo, Sarah Michell Gellar, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker fight to survive in the bitter cold of Siberia, traversing a wrecked ship from the second world war. Along the way, they are contacted by a mysterious group locked inside the secret facility hidden beneath an old lighthouse. Lost and confused, they follow the voices' instructions, and search for a way to save the director and pop-culture legend George Romero from his zombie mania! Don of the West Coast America is in crisis as Prohibition has inspired a plethora of crime on the streets of its most populated cities. Big game alcohol and prostitution kingpins like Salvatore DeLuca run these streets, instilling fear and respect from its law enforcement and civilians alike. San Francisco is Sal's home turf, and someday he hopes to pass it on to his own flesh and blood, his son. Under his wing are his constituents like Finn O'Leary, a loyal arm of Sal's mafia and a proprietor of his own brew of whiskey. Albert Arlington, the conniving, smart weasel in charge of Sal's money laundering and dirty finances. Not to mention Sal's most loyal member of the DeLuca crime family, Billy Handsome, a violent and brutal psychopath willing to do any depraved action in Sal's name. With criminals as experienced and powerful running San Francisco, who can stop them? Mob of the Dead Charged on accounts of murder, prostitution, money laundering, gambling, and the sale of alcohol, Sal DeLuca, Finn O'Leary, Albert Arlington, and Billy Handsome are sent to Alcatraz to live out their days. Not content to die on the Rock, however, they concoct a plan so bold it may just work. Spearheaded by Albert Arlington, the mobsters find themselves constructing a plane on the roof of the prison in an attempt to escape back to San Francisco. But without any memory, they have found themselves in a cycle of fighting, escaping, and dying in a metaphorical Hell; Alcatraz is filled to the brim with undead officers and prisoners set to devour the living. Unsure where to go next, the mobsters must unravel the mystery behind the nightmare and discover their true purpose in this cycle. Whispers of Morg City Contacted by the allusive Mr. Rapt, a young reporter is thrust on a journey into the mysterious and alluring Morg City, filled with night-life and a creeping air of mystery in equal parts. For a price, the reporter assists the old-timer in finding ancient artifacts lost in the war-torn Pacific Ocean, uncovering dirt of Morg City's finest and strangest, and transporting mysterious magical crates through the city. The longer he stays there, the more he realizes Morg City is shrouded in evil beyond his mortal understanding. Shadows of Evil Following the reporter's mysterious and untimely demise, Mr. Rapt set out to sabotage the careers of a few lost souls in Morg City; The eccentric, selfish dark magician Nero Blackstone, the underdog boxer and cheater Floyd Campbell, the man-murdering seductress Jessica Rose, and corrupt, loud mouth cop Jackie Vincent. Following their most heinous crimes, the four souls were transported into a warped, Lovecraftian version of Morg City, contacted by an ominous, beckoning voice from the deceitful figure known as the Shadow Man. They must uncover the secrets held within Morg City and follow the Shadow Man's demands if there is any hope of them escaping with their souls... Suffering of Honor On direct orders from the Emperor himself, Takeo Masaki sets out on a observatory mission at a Pacific Island occupied by Japan's Division 9. At this island facility, Takeo witnesses true horror and pain caused by Division 9's actions. Deeply disturbed, Takeo finds himself troubled and with a desire for justice against the dishonorable scientists meddling with nature on this island. Revenge of the Russian As the Germans have taken grip of Stalingrad, Group 935 has established a research base within the city to create more horrific methods of attack against the Soviets continuing to fight. After delivering a prototype Russian wonder weapon to an American spy, dedicated Russian soldier Viktor Reznov and his partner in the fight against Germany, Nikolai Belinski, are dug in deep within Stalingrad, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike against the German, General Lehmkuhl, who led the siege on the city and the bombing of Nikolai's home, where his wife lied peacefully in her bed. Reznov must persuade his drunk and forlorn ally to assist him in his mission for revenge. Ballad of Jeb Brown Elijah Dempsey, grandfather to the bad-ass American war hero "Tank" Dempsey, leads a mining team based in a small, old western town in the USA. Upon returning home one afternoon, he finds the place has been ransacked and his brother's Union army revolver, a sentimental memory of his brother's death at the battle of Gettysburg, has been stolen. Without any help from the Sheriff, Elijah imparts the help of the town's mad blacksmith, Jeb Brown, to track down the robber and recover the gun. Through his conversations, he learns of Jeb's troubled past and the true purpose of the rocks he's been mining. Armed with technology created through Jeb's genius and mysterious, unknown forces, Eli sets out to track down the robber and bring him swift justice. Hope you guys look forward to these, I know I do. If you have any ideas for others, please let me know! Some stories like Yuri and Gersch at Ascension will be incorporated into the main books as they pertain to those stories, but anything else, feel free to share ideas!
  14. The Ray Guns on the machine are a kind of joke showing what the machine does. The one on the left is "flaccid" and broken while on the right it looks brand new and more powerful. So like a before and after picture. As for the machine design itself I get the feeling it was not entirely the creation of Jeb. The lettering on the top with multiple colors and various shapes is very similar to logo designs from the 50s or 60s. For example: So perhaps the little "nudge" that Monty offered included the machine design, or the design came about later after Jeb's plans were discovered and through temporal displacement the original machine was replaced with the new design.
  15. Critter is just a Southern US term for a small animal, usually one you don't want around like a rat or a badger. It can also be used for larger animals that are not wanted. It also might be used sarcastically to refer to something big, like say, a zombie. I looked through the tombstones on Buried and did not find his name anywhere. There was one sentenced to death by hanging with a first name starting with B and last starting with H, but it was very blurry. However I do think that the house is his. The running theory is that it was Faraday's house, however bear in mind the possibility that this is Jeb's house. The man is a blacksmith with some seriously out-there scientific knowledge to be able to come up with Pack-a-Punch. He may very well be an admirer of Faraday and that is why he kept portraits of him in the house. Other possible inventions of his may be the Paralyzer, the Time Bomb, and the wall chalk. Weird how this is the only map to have the chalk be moveable, like it means a lot to the context of the map. And where are a majority of the moveable chalk drawings located? The Gunsmiths, where Jeb may have worked. If the house is his it would make sense why the Pack-a-Punch is hidden away very far under the gazebo, to keep it safe. As for the lady that haunts the house? It's possible that it's his unnamed wife, his mother who was killed by a critter, or one of the "angels". Personally I think it is his mother. Her white skin leads me to believe she died of some sickly disease from a bite, and it would make sense if Jeb cared about her so much he would try and resurrect her somehow. These are all just thoughts, but personally I think this song re-contextualizes a lot of what we know, so I am glad this was found.
  16. Wow and I thought Richtofen's line about a blacksmith in the old west was a throwaway line, I had no idea it was a reference to this full song, so it must be canon then. I think the angels may be important here. Think about how Monty is said to have "offered a nudge" in the creation of Perk-a-Colas. He may very well have done the same here, giving this Blacksmith the motivation to create Pack-a-Punch. From my searching on the Call of Duty wiki I haven't found anyone named Brown. I may have to check out the tombstones and see if he is anywhere there. Also I'm curious what kind of critter took a bite from his mother. Probably just a rat with rabies but it would be something we're more familiar with.
  17. 2018

    A Brittany Spaniel, and thanks!
  18. 2018

    He's a smaller dog and I've got an apartment where pets are allowed pretty close to campus. My schedule has me only on campus for part of the day and I can spend the rest with him at the apartment. My first minor was in English but after taking an English class I realized that reading good literature is just something I can do on my own and the grading for the class was really tough and I don't need that kind of stress from my minor when I have a Computer Science major to put more of my energy into. My second minor was Professional Writing, which sounded right up my alley, but after a class of that I got kind of sick of the research papers, as I enjoy writing stories more and my writing skills were already pretty good and I can improve them on my own. My third minor was Sociology, which I switched to this winter but I never even got to classes before I switched out of that. There was just a lot of interesting topics in Sociology since it is so broad. But Psychology is always something that seemed very interesting to me. I like seeing how and why people think and understanding different conditions people have and how it makes them feel. I've always been interested to see how I can look at my own mind through a psychological perspective. I also think it will help my writing getting to understand the human mind a little better to develop characters. Writing is a passion of mine but I'm not quite motivated enough to put a lot of my energy into it, so it's good to have a fallback to a Computer Science job, as I'd like to be a professor in Computer Science.
  19. 2018

    For me 2018 is looking up and down in a lot of ways. I look forward to another two semesters of college because I enjoy the content we learn, and I recently changed my minor for maybe the fourth time to be Psychology and I'm hoping I stick with that because that seems really interesting to me. I also got a new dog that I love and plan to take with me to college. As for looking down I'm not really sure who my friends are right now because few of them have reached out to me during the Winter Break so I'm kind of a lost soul at the moment. I'm sure we'll continue talking come school time but I don't know if I think our friendships are as real as I thought they were. So I hope that gets better, and not to get political or anything but I hope America can pull itself out of the hole its in constantly finger pointing and trying to blame the other party when there are very real issues going on that need to be addressed but just aren't because people would rather fight. I also hope more people in Hollywood get exposed for sexual harassment; I think that was a good things that came from 2017, if not bittersweet. Monsters should not be allowed to get off without repercussions. For TV and movies I look forward to new seasons of Better Call Saul, BoJack Horseman, and Arrested Development and the only movie being the Star Wars Han Solo movie which I also predict being kind of terrible but terrible Star Wars movies can be fun and enjoyable still. When it comes to video games, I'm hyped for the next Treyarch game, whatever that may be. I hope they can keep up the quality standard they've set before, but I'm worried I'm just not going to be as into it as I was before with how quickly I dropped IW Zombies and am soon to drop WWII Zombies. I think I'm just losing my interest, but Treyarch's maps have always drawn me in so we'll see. I also hope they improve the campaign next time around and do something a little less abstract. BOIII campaign was one that seemed really surface level until the very end which didn't make a whole lot of sense. I was bored the whole time 100%ing it. I also cautiously look forward to the E3 announcement of the next Halo game. I thought Halo 5 was a dud with a lot of potential and I hope Halo 6 can fix the broken story and make something fun out of it. I didn't really like Halo multiplayer outside of Reach so unless 6 is like that, I won't care much for it. I also hope Battlefront II gets some great content over the year, hopefully some Clone Wars stuff. And like always I hope to get a lot more of the Storybook done because I have a lot of cool stuff planned. I just need some motivation and a little time.
  20. All five chapters of Attack on the Pentagon are now posted on the storybook section of the site. Here is chapter 1: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/fivech1

  21. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Hey guys, I'm back with the updated and completed Attack on the Pentagon arc of Tales from the Multiverse. Here's Chapter 1. Chapters 2-5 are on the sidebar. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and it even has a little foreshadowing to another arc I want to do down the road. As always let me know your feedback and criticism. With this series I wanted to be really cheesy with the dialogue since the whole thing is kind of ridiculous. Like I know zombies is usually ridiculous, but "FIVE" and the characters in it are very inherently funny and goofy so that's the tone I went for.
  22. Weekly discussion

    To me I always interpreted the appearance of zombies once Samantha took over the MPD to be they are sent wherever she desires. In 1963 she of course sent them to the Berlin theater where Ultimis was, and then inevitably to the Soviet Union where Ascension was. The reason for them being at the Pentagon? That wasn't always clear, but with the confirmation in the timeline that the Pentagon Theif is in fact Yuri serving Samantha, we can gather Samantha sent him and the zombies to the Pentagon to fulfill a specific purpose. Call of the Dead? The corpses only reanimated part-way through the movie because Ultimis had just teleported in from Ascension. So maybe she didn't reanimate any of the dead on the Moon until Ultimis got involved. Also consider the fact that Griffin Station was managed wholly my Maxis who was in the system from 1945 to 2025 just sitting idle. There's no way the station could stay powered on that long without some intervention. After the war when the Americans showed up, Maxis may have tried to persuade the Americans into continuing to power the station, possibly with 115, to keep it running until Maxis could enact his plan against Richtofen. Also in that big gap of time, maybe Maxis was attempting to communicate with Aliens? Not a lot for him to do up there besides give the Americans 935 secrets. Nuketown Zombies is in 2025 but the old Nuketown was converted into a Broken Arrow facility since they took over Grooms Lake and the surrounding facilities. We know Marlton was in the Bunker and the recently-nuked look of Nuketown Zombies is because Broken Arrow was drilling near Nuketown and caused a massive nuclear blast. So basically Multiplayer map Nuketown did take place in 1960s era, then it was left as it was and taken over by Broken Arrow, then in 2025 Marlton was sent into the Bunker, probably as an Engineer on a Broken Arrow project, and drilling caused the explosion to create the Nuketown we see in Nuketown Zombies.
  23. DLC 1 "Resistance" Trailer + "Darkest Shore"

    I really hope they don't overdo it trying to scare the player with zombies coming out of the fog. It's just going to get old having them pop out at you. Hopefully it won't be TranZit levels of fog. I think the setting is interesting, but I want to see more of the map. That was one of the most vague zombies map reveals ever.
  24. Weekly discussion

    What is it? It is certainly implied to be a creature of alien origin, but there is always a possibility of it being a human in some strange test. But I am more inclined to believe it is an alien because I see no reason for any kind of misdirection. Has it any connection with Griffin Station, which is also accesible from Area 51? I don't think it was necessarily from the Moon, but I think the technology the Americans found when they arrived at Griffin Station allowed them to further research alien activity. Do the Americans have found it, or is it something discovered by Group 935 (who have also ties with the American government)? And how/where is is found? I think Broken Arrow has everything to do with this. On November 19th, 1963 Broken Arrow was created following the Pentagon outbreak to prevent future zombie outbreaks. Broken Arrow eventually gained control of Groom Lake as well as Area 51. While I cannot say for certain when the multiplayer maps are meant to take place, I do believe it is around this time as that is when the campaign for Black Ops took place. Personally I believe that the US government before the creation of Broken Arrow used 935's work to get to the Moon in secret, where they uncovered all of the technology present at Griffin Station. It's possibly that by the 1960s as the cold war took form, the Americans were on the Moon using Griffin Station as a base and attempting to communicate with extraterrestrials. How they acquired this body in particular and if there are more of them is unknown. I don't think they killed this alien but rather it crashed on earth/the Moon and the body was recovered, and recently as well since the body doesn't seem decomposed. Aliens have always been the black sheep of the zombies story as they just lurk in the background and haven't been looked at too closely yet. With the advent of the Keepers and Apothicons the possibility of aliens without any interdimensional powers seems insignificant in the grand scheme, but I'd like it to be explored further. As for those Kino pods, those are still a mystery, but I think more likely those are monkeys or if they are alien they are unrelated to this one in particular due to their size. We've seen with Nova Crawlers and Denizens that 115 can make test subjects look a hell of a lot different from their original form, and I just think they are deformed monkeys or some other alien creature. I wouldn't think those would have anything to do with Griffin Station as Maxis had no idea it existed and Maxis was the head of everything going on at Deutsches sol Kino.