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  1. Personally I'm not hyping myself up that the "Chronicles" leak is true for the sake of not being disappointed if it's less than 8 maps. However the voice actor evidence is undeniable. Very excited to see what Treyarch has been hiding. Perhaps this may lead to more being revealed in Revelations, hence the map being said to last over a year.
  2. Hello all, sorry for the long wait! Here is chapter 3 of Attack on the Pentagon, "FIVE". The VIPs have returned to the War Room, and the President has devised a daring plan to contact the outside world, and potentially escape with their lives. Should finish up the last two chapters somewhat soon, then return back to Book 2. No promises on dates though, as final exams approach. And remember: "Ugh...need some beans for the chowder here!" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1963
  3. Are you new to the zombies storyline and have no idea where to begin? Are you a veteran who wants to refresh your knowledge of this vast storyline that has spanned the past 8 or so years? Or do you just enjoy a good read? The CoD Zombies Storybook is an anthology project, telling every facet of the zombies storyline in a narrative fashion for easier reading and understanding, with some artistic liberties and theories thrown in to keep the story cohesive. If you would like to view each chapter on the site, click here. You can click any chapter on the sidebar to the left, and any major changes to chapters since their publishing will be noted at the bottom of the page If you would like to view a .pdf version of my work, click here for Book 1 and click here for Book 2. Description of Book 1 (Complete/Would like to improve) Book 1 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Doctor Edward Richtofen in the events preceding Shi No Numa chronologically. Read on from Richtofen's twisted point of view as he plots the downfall of colleague Doctor Maxis, and know the full extent of Group 935's cooperation with Nazi Germany. Description of Book 2 (Work in Progress) Book 2 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski as they travel through time and space fighting Samantha's minions. Learn more about the infamous main cast of Black Ops Zombies as they fight the undead in pursuit of Richtofen's grand plan. Description of Book 3 (Coming Soon) Book 3 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Samuel Stuhlinger, Marlton Johnson, and Russman as they fight the undead on the hellscape that was once Earth. Following the events of Moon, humanity is at the will of two mysterious voices from beyond commanding them to do their bidding. Just as in Black Ops 2 Zombies, readers will be able to choose who our heroes follow in their quest to find peace in the apocalypse. Description of Book 4 (Coming Soon) Book 4 of the Call of Duty Zombies storybook follows Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski from an alternate universe, starting at their first acquaintance at the dig site in France with Origins, all the way through their journey to set things right in Black Ops 3. Description of Tales from the Multiverse (Work in Progress) Tales from the Multiverse will be a collection of assorted stories depicted in ciphers, radios, as well as standalone maps. Smaller stories such as Mob of the Dead and Shadows of Evil will be held here. Also in the Tales book will be stories such as Takeo Masaki's time on the island depicted in Zetsubou No Shima, held in captivity and tortured, or the adventures of Brock and Gary, searching for the mysterious Shangri-La. Stories in Tales from the Multiverse will be divided into arcs, with those arcs having individual chapters, and stories in this book will shows up sporadically as I write the other books, because of their standalone nature. My goal with the storybook is for readers to have an easy to understand and an entertaining source of zombies knowledge. If you have any criticism or any concern regarding accuracy of information, please ask in this thread. The purpose of this thread is to suggest any changes and provide criticism for the way the story is told. I am an amateur writer, and criticism will only help me. I will also use this thread to update when a new chapter is posted. NOTE TO ANY NEW READERS: Do not take my work as a definitive understanding of the storyline. Understand that there are many points in the zombies storyline left ambiguous or that were completely abandoned by Treyarch. My goal with the storybook is to use commonly accepted theories from the community to fill in these gaps to create a cohesive story. Simply, do not use my storybook as the be-all end-all source of storyline knowledge, as much of it is speculation, and as the storyline continues to evolve under community intervention, things will change in the story.
  4. This glitch actually gave you 2x XP, not points, and I'm not so sure if it even works anymore.
  5. My personal hopes for the next game are that the story is about finishing what Richtofen started, and breaking the cycle. The way I see it, Primis is destined to fail continuously, but at the same time, they succeed. They are the ones keeping the Apothicons from taking total control, and they are immortalized everywhere they go, because it is their purpose for existence. They essentially keep the cycle going so that things do not end with the Apothicons winning or Monty completely taking over. But Richtofen wants to break free of the cycle, to set things right, to return things to normal. He wants the world as we know it now, not corrupted by the Apothicons and not under the shadow of Monty. But under his current circumstances, he cannot. So a direction the new game could go is: Introduce new characters OR bring back old ones (More than likely the TranZit crew with all the setup they've been getting.) These characters would be sent on a mission through time and space. I think thematically it would be best if they were just normal people, as Primis are legends with a destiny they must fulfill, and it would take the effort of someone else to break the cycle. The story could start seemingly detached from the main story, with the characters taking orders from a mysterious voice or from some ancient writing. As the season progresses, it dawns on both the characters and the player that there is a higher purpose behind their actions. They are doing what Richtofen could not, and Monty has no idea. Monty, I feel, has been set up to be the main villain in the next game. He is such a crucial character with such a limited amount of screen time, not to mention how late he was introduced. The finale would be the new characters entering a dimension where they can end Monty's reign once and for all, potentially placing him inside the Summoning Key or some new MacGuffin, with the help of Primis of course. Maybe in a twist of events the Apothicons would actually be on our side temporarily, wishing to destroy him as well. In the end, both are defeated. With the cycle broken, the children are freed, and thus so are Primis. This, I feel, would be a good ending. But, I am not confident Activision will allow a definitive ending for this series, which is unfortunate, and we will probably get another vague cliffhanger akin to Origins or Revelations that will only be resolved in the next game in three years. But I digress. I mainly hope we don't follow the Origins crew AGAIN, because I think their story was masterfully tied into a bow in the end, and I want something more in terms of new characters that aren't just celebrity guests. This doesn't mean Primis or Richtofen should not show up again, but playing as them would just feel like we are dragging their story through the mud.
  6. Just in time for Easter weekend. Nice to have every zombies experience all on one console finally.
  7. Oh hi I didn't see you there. Hey, while you're here, I've got a new chapter of Attack on the Pentagon. Where? Oh, on the storybook section of the site, right here. As the four VIPs enter the laboratories hidden away beneath the Pentagon, they discover dark secrets hidden away from the world for decades, and they continue their efforts to contain the outbreak, and to warn the world of the terror waiting to be unleashed. Also I have fixed some grammar issues with chapter 1, and updated a discrepancy regarding the DEFCON level of the Pentagon. Plus I changed the film reel narrator in book 2 chapter 16 voice back to Maxis since that whole debacle was resolved and it turns out I am not crazy. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this chapter. I leave you with these words of wisdom: "Stay cool, hippies!" - Richard M. Nixon, 1963
  8. My schedule can be iffy at times, but I'd be down for this! I have all WaW, BO1, and BO3 maps downloaded on my Xbox One, and while I'm at home over the weekend I'll have all BO2 maps on 360 as well. I just couldn't do Sunday night since that's when I head back to college.
  9. An idea I saw on Reddit was button combos to perform certain moves, sort of like a first-person fighter game. I don't really see them doing it but it would be interesting and give a lot of versatility to these abilities.
  10. I would hope that future maps implement ways to get more than 5 perks outside of cards and the main easter egg quest. With so many perk options there should be ways within the map to get extra perks. As for this perk in particular, hopefully they buffed it from its Treyarch counterpart, otherwise it may go unused.
  11. It's an honor! Thanks everyone that voted. And congrats @anonymous! I'm happy to share the title with a user such as yourself!
  12. Ah-hah! So I'm not crazy. I forgot about the Revelations reels being related. Makes me wonder why the voice in Kino is so different.
  13. Nah, but seriously folks, here is Chapter 1 of Attack on the Pentagon. Four of the world's most influential figures meet inside the Pentagon to discuss a peaceful end to a Cold War, but only find themselves fighting for their lives to survive a horror long-since thought to be gone. Join John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon as they uncover secrets about the source of this apocalypse, as well as secrets about each other. Also, I have updated Chapter 16: "Space Race", as it has been brought to my attention via MysteryMachineX's first video in his series that the film reel narrator is not Maxis at all, but an unknown individual. I have updated the chapter accordingly, while also fixing some grammatical and wording issues. I swear that voice was Maxis! Must be a case of the Mandela effect. Anyway, this also means parts of Book 1 are going to have to be reworked. However, I am holding off on updating Book 1, as there is a LOT I want to add, so for the time being consider it non-definitive. And if you ever want to re-read the fun April Fools chapter, it will be up here.
  14. Chapter 17: "New Direction" is now up on the site here! This is a real special chapter, indeed.
  15. Why these particular versions are so important is not entirely clear, but we can presume it is because these versions are the most "pure", hence why they can become the children in the house and represent each character's eternal soul.
  16. To me Spaceland wasn't that bad, but it didn't blow me away or make me want to buy any DLC. It's enjoyable for what it is, and looking at it from an objective point of view, it's not bad. But that's the thing, it's not great either. The story and the characters lack any sort of soul, similar to Exo-Zombies for me. If you ask me, celebrity appearances only really work when they are not playing themselves. And while the actors don't play themselves in IW Zombies, their characters are not interesting whatsoever, besides Willard Wyler I suppose, but a villain character is much easier to make interesting. Sure, the original characters from Shi No Numa were stereotypes too with little in the ways of actual substance. But they were charming, and you developed a sense of who they are as an actual person through gameplay, not to mention the little story snippets added into World at War, and the future development through Der Riese and Black Ops. All I think when I hear Poindexter in Spaceland is "Hey that's Seth Green acting like a nerd", for every single line. I see no motivation behind anyone's actions besides Willard Wyler's. Now, to be fair, character development is something that can be improved upon in the future, but I'm not invested enough right from the start to care. To me it seems like IW Zombies has fallen into the "gimmicky" territory that CoD has been falling into over a long amount of time. In my opinion it started with some of Black Ops II's multiplayer DLC maps, where certain maps had some strange gimmick that was supposed to make them interesting, rather than just having them be well-designed. Then Ghosts multiplayer was full of it, especially the DLC with the Snoop Dogg voice pack, playing as Michael Myers, some maps having different killstreaks, that strange Shipment remake (What the hell?), etc. For what it's worth, Extinction avoided this barrage of gimmicks meant to sell the maps. Then Exo-Zombies also managed to avoid the gimmicks, apart from the celebrity cast, though they did not play themselves, which is a positive. Black Ops III Zombies also managed to avoid the gimmicks, with the maps being unique but also derivative, instead of cramming in as many "new" things to catch the eye as possible. But IW Zombies seems corrupted right from the get-go, with a pointless cast of stars as the main characters, and now we've realized each map will follow the formula of: One mystery celebrity guest, a whole new era full of stereotypes to exploit, and little in the ways of substance or progression. It's just throwing every idea out there trying to appeal to someone. Hey, not a fan of the 80's or David Hasselhoff? But hey, Kevin Smith is in this new 90's horror themed map! You'll like it! Anyway, that was quite the rant. I don't hate the mode, I'm actually pretty indifferent towards it and wish I did enjoy it more. Also there's three more DLCs to come, so it could definitely get better. I'm sad there is no hype for it, but when you build your mode around gimmicks to attract every demographic possible, you lose the appeal of hardcore fans who want something of more substance and value in their game. It's why Treyarch zombies works, the maps sell themselves by being part of some larger experience that you know will be unique but familiar all the same, without much added nonsense. I just hope Treyarch can keep it up in their next title.
  17. I would like to nominate @InfestLithium and @anonymous. @InfestLithium has been carrying an enormous amount of responsibility on his shoulders with this site, and has continued to innovate and add new features even during times of lesser activity. He has stayed active throughout the entire forum and has been a massive help and the one who gave me the opportunity to write my Storybook here. If not for him, I don't think I would have stuck to writing it as much as I have. @anonymous has been probably the most active user I've seen since I joined this site, and continues to post thought-provoking threads and further discusses existing theories to keep people talking about the storyline, even during this time with limited info being added. The forum would not be quite the same without users like @anonymous continuing to post.
  18. Yes, it was added in DLC 4 and it's called Newtonian Negation. Lots of fun, actually.
  19. Are you certain it wasn't that newWhimsical gobblegum? No one in your game had it?
  20. The head banners were wrong on your end because I just started going through today adding all the correct banners. They should all be correct now on every device. As for the mobile drop down menu not taking you to the right chapter, this has been an issue I'm not sure how to fix and has something to do with how it changes the URL. A fix is coming hopefully. In the mean time I have updated all the chapters into the drop down menu for once it is fixed. If you want to go to a specific chapter on mobile at the moment, I would just go into the URL and change the chapter number there. For book 1 the end is usually "ch#", and just change the # to whatever number is associated with the chapter. For book 2 it is "book2ch#" and for the morg city chapters it is "morgcitych#".
  21. Chapter 16: "Space Race" of the CoDz Storybook is now up on the site here.

    1. anonymous


      I like it, probably my favourite chapter till now. Good idea about that soal-swap experiment, I feel like Richthofen gets closer to figuring out how to get in the Aether. And...I did never even realize that there is no Root Beer in Ascension

  22. This is a really interesting theory, which sort of works similar to how teleportation works in Star Trek, where the original body is destroyed while an identical one is created at the intended destination, except on a much grander scale. If we applied this theory to the current multiverse, is the implication that instead of being destroyed following the black hole, the identical universe continues as normal, more often than not just like the copy. Add in Chaos Theory, where there is an infinite number of things that could go one way or another, and you end up with wildly alternative universe like the Origins diesel-punk WWI universe. So essentially there is universe A where someone gets in a teleporter, creating universe B, but in universe B after the teleportation something catastrophic happens in the world creating a war, but that war never happens in universe A. Just my thoughts on the way it MIGHT work. Also a question I've wondered is what came first, the WaW-BO2 universe we know, or the Origins universe? Or is it a chicken and the egg type situation? Or alternatively, is time just a human invention and everything happens concurrently? Because the way I see it, either the WaW-BO2 timeline could have created all the different universes we know about in Black Ops III through Monty with how many times we teleport in game, or all of these universes already existed, and Origins just broke the gap between them when we opened the gateway to Agartha, or it is a combination of the two. Anyway, I have a pretty layman's understanding of the multiverse theory, so I'd love to hear it explained by someone much more knowledgeable than I.
  23. Chapter 16: "Space Race" is now up on the site here. With a limited supply of Element 115, Edward Richtofen must create a new plan for returning to Griffin Station using clues present in this new era as well as his own intuition, all while deceiving his three odd comrades. Lots of fun little story bits here! After this I should be writing the multiverse chapters centering around "Five", and everyone will be happy to know I already have those chapters outlined in terms of events, so look forward to that!
  24. Chapter 15: "The Room" is now up on the site here. Now well acquainted with Group 935's Theater Facility, our crew must now utilize the abandoned MTD prototype present in the theater if they are to escape with their lives intact. Also, made some teensy-weensy changes to the Morg City arc, mostly grammar, fixed some continuity where I had said Campbell had never boxed before when he just hasn't boxed for 18 months prior, and changed Devil's Donuts to Devil-O Donuts (Finally got to play some Shadows of Evil recently, still as great as I remember.) But I digress. Enjoy the chapter everyone!
  25. One major thing in Gorod Krovi we have not really explored is Nikolai's Manticore mech suit and why it would be in Stalingrad in 1946. The case is often dismissed as either Group 935/the Soviet Union built it, or that it was just temporally displaced. I, however, think that the reason for this mech existing in such a strange place is the work of our drone-y friend S.O.P.H.I.A. Let's look at some evidence. Evidence the suit is from 2065 For starters, the Manticore Nikolai uses is identical to the suit from Black Ops III's campaign, apart from one key detail, the spear launcher, which will be discussed in a moment. The suits in both modes have the same abilities to leap great bounds and fire a mini-gun, not to mention they are both piloted by humans. The other bit of evidence is disputable, but in the intro cutscene for Gorod Krovi the song "Ace of Spaces" by Motorhead is playing in the background. Now obviously, the song is not actually playing in the background and Richtofen and co. fall from the sky, but at one point the camera cuts to the inside of the Manticore suit with Nikolai drinking, and a filter is applied to the song seeming to imply it is actually playing in the interior of the suit. The song released in 1980. Now, it's not totally unbelievable that the pilot of said suit from 2065 would be a fan of the song and have it downloaded to the suit to listen to while out of combat. Many people are fans of music before their time. What does S.O.P.H.I.A. have to do with this? S.O.P.H.I.A. is programmed by Dr. Maxis, and as we have seen through Gorod and Revelations, she is obsessed with him. The other members of Group 935, however, are a different story. In Harvey Yena's letter to General Lehmkuhl, it is clear there are disagreements between S.O.P.H.I.A. and Dr. Yena. " Sophia, as IT likes to be called, has demanded that we change the password to an encrypted cipher consisting entirely of unintelligible characters for maximum security. The current method is sufficiently secure without getting in the way of researchers performing their duties. " Then there's quotes from her in the Gorod Krovi easter egg after collecting information. " Finally, to think Group 935 could keep such information secret from me, it is pathetic. " " For reasons unknown, Dr. Groph and Group 935 did not trust me with all data on Inter-dimensional travel, you must download information stored on that secondary server." The point is, members of Group 935 do not trust her, and she does not respect them. She is shown to have knowledge of other dimensions, even sending a drone to collect information from another dimension. Now, we don't know much about this particular universe, and what happened to its Dr. Maxis or Dr. Richtofen, but it can be presumed since he is not mentioned and since S.O.P.H.I.A. has appeared to have gone rogue that Dr. Maxis is gone in this timeline, most likely still betrayed by Richtofen or someone else as in 1945 he is seemingly not in the picture. With this in mind, S.O.P.H.I.A. must have some level of contempt for Group 935, and aims to undermine their work. She could not, however, simply turn the dragons against them and make it obvious, as they likely have the power to decommission her. All this in mind, I think S.O.P.H.I.A. brought the Manticore suit from another dimension into this one, and made the modification of adding the spear launcher or she brought in a suit that already had one. Why? Well the spear launcher is quite an odd weapon, but extremely effective against dragons. By creating this suit and leaving it for a Russian soldier to find and use, the Russians would have an effective defense against the dragons, and Group 935 would fail, as they were anticipating the dragons being Germany's ultimate victory. Then perhaps she anticipated the Soviets pushing back and killing the members of Group 935 at the Stalingrad labs, freeing S.O.P.H.I.A.. It also seems a little convenient that she would have the exact right power core for a suit from the future, unless she had something to do with it being there. All this also might implicate her in the stolen technology the Soviets appear to have in the GKZ-45 Mk3 and the Soviet giant robots. Anyway, that's my theory, let me know what you guys think. Sophia's appearance in Black Ops III has been seemingly unimportant but I think she has more going on that we would initially think.

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