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  1. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    yea what i wrote is confusing. but what im saying is i think that because 3arc put just ONE navcard in this map for no reason that we know of now that in future dlc maps they will also have a tranzit map featuring the bus and you will be able to grab more cards each time a new map comes out. WHat i think will happen is that the navcards are part of a FINAL easter egg that will be found in the fourth DLC pack. but in order to do that easter egg we will need a total of 4 cards.
  2. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    maybe each DLC that drops you are able to grab one navcard that way by the third DLC you will have a total of FOUR navcards and then the final DLC will be some crazy map like Moon and you will have to have four to proceed the Easter egg in that map. because lets face it. this easter egg is over. we figured out two different easter eggs and got the achievement. now everybody is focused on the next DLC map figuring out a way for that Navcard. but if the main focus point in BO2 Zombies is the Tranzit map then why would you just have to have 2 nav cards or 3. you then would need a forth just to finish it off. but if 3Arc does what it did in this map and have an Easter egg and then just a random nav card then why wouldnt they do that in every other tranzit map in the game?
  3. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Has anyone ever notice that on the Diner sign it says "Now die" glowing. all the other letters are there but not glowing. maybe you have to sacrafice someone with tombstone somewhere in the area. or all hold grenades at the same time all with tombstone and maybe the round will end and everybody re spawns or something. maybe the "Now die" doesnt have anything to do with it. but just putting it out there. also the bus depot sign sometimes changes into "B S" or " US" Maybe that has something to deal with it too. doubt it though. too obvious....
  4. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    i took chemistry last semester and know a lot about avogadro's number. i would love if you could explain how this relates i would love to help. Avogadro's number = 6.022 E^23 Avogadro's law = equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules regardless of their chemical nature and physical properties. I dont know if that helps or not but. id love to help anytime
  5. Zombie Suggestions

    i would like to see a better way of reloading. like you technically could reload and just grab a new magazine. but we all know it doesnt work like that other wise we would be just wasting bullets. i would like them put in a way where if we have 23 bullets left in the mag. our people add bullets to the mag. but if its completly empty then you can just grab a knew one. it would take more time reloading the bullets anyways (just like a real gun) so that would make it more realistic. I would also like to a map that is about protecting something. (maybe element 115) or something that makes sense. and that is placed in the middle of a map and then you still have to open doors and just like a regular map but you cant run rape trains or whatever because the zombies are more attracted to the element than the people. they are attracted to the people if they get close or stand in their way so they still can get knocked down. but if the people get completely get downed and dont get revived then they are out for rest of the game. that way there is a sense of urgency to revive your teammates and to protect the element. this map would be a lot tougher because you still need to buy guns and all that stuff but you have to protect the element. and of course sandbox mode in zombies. that is the one thing that will make this game the best game ive ever bought is that. hopefully it gets put in.
  6. Zombie Suggestions

    i want a map that constantly changes. kinda like a revolving haunted house. you start walking in the door and theres no way out and once you open a room then it will maintain open no matter how the house shifts but it can only shift if there is NO ONE in either of the adjacent rooms. and say there is a living room connected to a **** please report this topic, post **** connected to a dining room. say if everyone was upstairs the layout of the bottom floor would flip of shift. and it would change the bottom layout from a square to a line making it SUPER hard to memorize the map and the way it shifts. and then if everybody goes downstairs it can shift the upstairs to be a maze of halls with limited space. and then same goes for the third floor, or basement. also i would love throwing tomahawks in zombies yea it might not be the strongest against them but you could throw it and go pick it up. adding for a little challenge also i would love a futuristic of the clay more. Since it started with bouncing betties and then clay mores, maybe if we got time bombs or something
  7. Zombie Suggestions

    I would live to see the hacker in place in another map. Especially on a map that's not so freaking hard.
  8. Zombie Suggestions

    I disagree. Yea it's annoying going to run to the opposite side of the map but that's the box. With the new game they shouldn't change any of the basics of anything. The box is supposed to move around.
  9. Zombie Suggestions

    Let's get a knew wonder weapon called the THUNDERWAFFE 17!! It's a mix between the thunder gun and the wonder waffle dg-2. What it does is have the impact like the thunder gun but it's a spark wave and it only kills 17 zombies other ones have the effect of the thunder gun. Upgraded double the wave length and doubles the kills to 34
  10. Zombie Suggestions

    I like that idea and OH Jebus if they put custom maps into BO2 afterwards OR before MMMMMHHH! But if they did a map like that they would probably release it last ;( last is better than not at all though :)
  11. Zombie Suggestions

    i would love a map with napalm's, screacher's, george, dogs, monkeys, shangri-la monkeys, the frozen water off of call of the dead, EVERY wonder weapon (and only those wonder weapons, no wall weapons), semtax and frag grenades, throwing knifes, sickle bowie knife, and every perk. plus a very interesting easter egg using every wonder weapon. and multiple songs it would be just a fun LARGE map thatl never happen but it be really cool id be willing to make a map like that if they put custom zombies in BO2
  12. Zombie Suggestions

    i would love an 8 player map with the regular characters and the characters from call of the dead. and maybe 3arch is already planning on doing that because in the call of the dead easter egg in the end someone i think Nikolai says " oh maybe we will meet again" or something along those lines. so im thinking we will have an 8 player map
  13. Zombie Suggestions

    Why dont they just keep the hacker in the knew maps from moon?
  14. Zombie Suggestions

    i really just want a huge map. one that atleast has 100,000 points in doors. that way its hard to explore the whole map.
  15. Zombie Suggestions

    I want a new type of zombie. i believe they are called dark seekers. They would spawn in the dark and hoard there untill spotted or shot into. And this would lengthen some rounds because you would have to kill them before moving on.