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  1. FINALLY finished the "Awaken the Gazebo" achievement for Buried. thanks to @Way2good 's guide

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    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      @Stop mocking me0

      It only took me 2 tries actually, and wasnt as bad as i thought, but if i didn't have the guide to help, it would have taken me many more tries. Definitely a peculiar achievement! and i actually knocked out the "Mazed and confused" achievement while i was at it lol

    3. The Meh

      The Meh

      It took me, like, one try on my first day on the map.

    4. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      I did it pretty early too, but I had a very funny goof. I made it to PaP and realized I never turned on the power. Had to run back past witches twice, still got the achievement. Hehe.