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  1. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Hey, I've gotten to round 31 on Ascension and Der Riese, but I dont know how to get a photo up on here.
  2. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Hi, sorry if this has already been posted on here, but has anyone tried "hitsam" or "hyena"? They are from the Ascension coding, and are labelled secret in the coding if I remember correctly. I dont know of any other use for these, so maybe they go to the data server Just trying to help out. :mrgreen:
  3. Funny Zombies Quotes

    On Kino when you kill a crawler zombie, Nikolia says, "That smells disgusting... like my fourth wife. She pretty though... pretty and smelly, weird combo." lmao, me and my friends laugh at that everytime we hear it.