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  1. Literal Die Rise Song

    genius pure genius
  2. Achievements!

    wouldn't it be funny if no body thought it was a dragon really then when we start up the map all we see is this gigantic dragon flying around the building. If I saw that my first time playing the map I'd be like "holy motherf*cking sh*t omg" :lol:
  3. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I actually have black ops for ds and as far as in aware I'm pretty sure I had seen a 935 logo in it somewhere
  4. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    at least some forums still bother with the story line and not the next map, or the next supossed easter egg step.
  5. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    so if there is no sea (please don't kill me for this) then that means Atlantis would not be underwater causing for easier access to it. that also means if we get a map there (which will most likely be the last one) then it would look like a more ancient rapture from bioshock only on land.
  6. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    can anyone you highlight the areas of land on that map of the destroyed world because other then north America and some of south America. I can barly tell whats land and sea between the lava and the dark coulers
  7. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I'm talking about the pack-a-punch area and power. like really who owns those why are they so out of place? either I missed something important or im stupid. probably both but still.
  8. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I just wondered if anyone thought of this maybe those underground facilitys are actually owned by group 601 and that harrp is actually group 601 in disguise CONSIPRACYYYSSSS :lol:
  9. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    The only question now is will it blend. XD
  10. Something that has been bugging me

    everyone here is getting way to desprat this madness has to stop
  11. Something that has been bugging me

  12. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I've been listing to this forum for the past 10 pages and frankly I do not think its on mars. Or any of the other previously mentioned. although they are good theorys mine will blow you away . my theory is that its in a whole other world. the place seams unearthly and mystical. im sorry if my theory is crap i dont post mutch Im also bad at typeing and giveing reasons for my theorys. one last thing i was also thinking egypt or africa :|
  13. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    https://encrypted-tbn3.google.com/image ... W1W7i2A6j7
  14. Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    found a new interview http://www.oxmonline.com/oxm-report-cal ... ack-ops-ii hopefully link works anyways what do you guys think
  15. Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.