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  1. Numbers code discussion.

    Yes back in the start of 2011 in the chat room.
  2. Numbers code discussion.

    Hey guys, I was trying to reverse the GeoCode and when i did the code - 34.34E76B,-AFC.2FD106541 I got 7 possible sets of longitude and no sets of latitude. I was on Google earth for a while and one of he longitude codes sent me to... Kowloon If i remember that was a map on BO and a mission on the single player. This may or may not help i am not to bothered about BO2 I was just bored. Do what you want with this info. Bye. =)
  3. Der Riese Server Exploration

    I think im high :|
  4. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Welcome, and thanks for the help everyman on this investigation is accepted :D
  5. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Ok, I’m going over the files under the vbush login for the Dreamland system and in one of the files, Dr. Maxis personal file, he talks about how Sophia has grown attracted to him. It may be a clue for Sophia’s password…
  6. Der Riese Server Exploration

    http://bigdah.gamerkage.com/black-ops-a ... ealed.html
  7. Der Riese Server Exploration

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMtPhsqZ ... sponse_rev I also find this interesting
  8. Der Riese Server Exploration

    http://www.xboxmb.com/forum/76-call-dut ... codes.html I suggest u take a look at these passwords and logins
  9. Something I Found.

    This may have a connection as the song that play's in kino der totun is called 115 so maybe there is