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  1. why map five! names is five!!!

    Really trying not to come off rude but really do u guys kno nothing of this countries DEFENSE READINESS COUNTER aka DEFCON levels. first of all DEFCON 1 is the most severe not 5 meaning DEFCON 5 is like nothing happenning. meaning that it has nothing to do with it and if u believe there is then it means that zombies invading the PentaGon (not PentaCon) is nothing to be worried about so plz for peoples sake do not think that this is a plausible reason behind the name leave it at the fact that the pentagon has 5 points hence the name FIVE u people are looking waay to into it. THo this imo and u have your own right to think what u wish I am simply stating the facts.
  2. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    104 or 109 i 4get xactly but it was glitching and by myself dnt believe me friend request my XBL its "ghostofreagan87" otherwise its 43 with 3 people doing the gun glitch.