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  1. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    Someone Got it right the prize:47854125
  2. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    His new Question was Which Country still uses Adt on humans...my answer is United States of America
  3. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    Hey Someone got it right! we got a prize 487549841654325415
  4. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    so lets See the Question is 5 so whats the answer to 5 It could be a Mathematical Question like how can you get 5 or the Square root of 5 or 5 could be the answer (even though its a question i forget what the math term is?) and we just need to find the Question.
  5. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    I need a link to this chat please i was asleep for about five hours so i need a update on what the heck went down, don't worry i am a Dove.
  6. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    Me and two of my friends made it to round 35. We started Camping at the Catwalk until we were either out of ammo and or Swarmed which eventually lead us to "Teleport jumping" and going to either the left or right activating electric barriers, but it all came crashing down when we had nothing but a bowie knife and no ammo or money, we got smashed in the early goings of round 35.
  7. Henry is a hoax

    and now we look back on this and give a nice big laugh.
  8. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    Who knows. i'm still gonna call the number again anyways maybe something will happen if i dial it like this 1210764048 ima give it a try.
  9. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    maybe i should try calling it but put a 1 in front of it this time
  10. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    It would be Interesting to try and change the past very interesting indeed.
  11. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    Im Going with the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Very nice man
  12. 210-764-048. What Is This???

  13. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    Maybe it is the release date for the Co op Trailer i don't know i'm just thinking of ideas.
  14. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    I tried calling it all i got was "the number you have reached is not in service this is a recording" and then it would repeat itself...not a telephone number i guess.
  15. 210-764-048. What Is This???

    i will give it a try buddy i tell you if something happens =)