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    not because of what u said ok maybe a little but because of your pic lol love it
  3. BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    @00:06 - Following an enemy on a Russian snow map with a Silenced T2 MK5 assault rifle » with a Red Dot Sight. Notice the smiley in the Red Dot Sight? Put a smile on our face -- UPDATE: Or is it the "tmKS" clan tag on the back of the rifle? (thanks @JamesMRios ») @00:09 - Enemy is on camera (thermal), a new gadget in multiplayer and is shot in the back. A callsign is shown of the killer. @00:13 - A Smiley is on the side of the weapon, customized or default? @00:14 - The MP5k is confirmed when walking over it, it's equipped with a suppressor. @00:15 - The player picks up his camera on a tripod, so he can deploy it elsewhere. It's done with the D-pad "UP" @00:17 - Vahn on another kill, showing the callsign of SlyMonkey. At first sight it looks to be the CAR-15. @00:18 - Killing MatTks giving Vahn a 3 kill Killstreak, a remote controlled explosive car. We'll see this in action later on. @00:18 - In his inventory he as 2 flashbangs and one Semtex sticky grenade. It's still unknown what the D-pad "UP" is at this point in time. @00:19 - There is actually a rocket taking off. @00:22 - After killing another one, Vahn is rewarded with a 4 kill streak which looks to be a crate (care package in MW2?). It replaces the 3 kill streak (R/C car) but that will probably be stacked for later use like in MW2. @00:24 - Equipping the Crosshbow with Explosive Tip. @00:28 - The explosive tips looks to be at a timer of 2 seconds. @00:29 - 5 kill streak, looks to be the missile shot at @01:10. @00:30 - Killing an enemy with the Ballistic Knife. @00:31 - Inventory: Smoke / Semtex. D-Pad Unknown equipment (claymore?) and unknown killstreak (big bomb) @00:32 - Killing a second one right after, with a "regular" knife attack to the back. This is a nice animation with both knifes, the ballistic one and the "default" knife. We think it might be different than a "regular" attack when not equipped with the Ballistic Knife. @00:32 - AUG confirmed by dropped weapon on the ground. @00:33 - Ballistic knife has an ammo counter, 0/1 on @00:33 and 1/0 on @00:34 (thanks Firecap ») @00:37 - More interesting though, look at the air/drop-shot! Player at the right runs and dives flat on his belly in air. @00:41 - Looks like an early version of the FAMAS. @00:41 - A create on the ground, could be a care package kill streak? @00:44 - New custom camouflage, with canvas belts and a custom snow paint. @00:50 - Large caliber shooting through glass ceiling, probably a helicopter kill streak? @00:50 - Throwing semtex grenade, killing for a 3 kill streak (R/C car) @00:55 - R/C Car kill streak deployed, user controlled. @00:57 - Driving straight through window.... @00:59 - RPG-7 confirmed on the back for the enemy, right before detonation, killing both. @01:00 - Looks to be the Harrier kill streak on D-pad "RIGHT"; Equipped with 2 flash and 1 frag grenade @01:02-01:04 - Enemy plane flying over with a Napalm Strike (Thanks PSN:Somedude94 ») @01:05 - Weapon confirmed: "Python Snub Nose" (thanks @joshuadowley ») @01:06 - Enemy taking slug to the head, with an L96AW (aka. AWM) sniper rifle (thanks Lyght » and @bro_brat137) @01:08 - Mini Map updates; showing grid with visual aids, B4 / C4 etc. @01:08 - Also showing a bleeping thing/bulls eye on the map, possible the location of the portable tripod cam (D-pad "UP" equipment)? @01:10 - Getting killed by a missile, what looks to be either homing to body heat or controlled by camera. @01:16 - Full multiplayer Reveal on September 1st! @01:17 - SWEET! You can now record gameplay in-game, which was requested by many many machinema film makers. You can switch between 1st person/ Free Camera, take a screenshot, toggle HUD (Heads Up Display) and play in Slow Motion. @01:22 - Even more control, you can manage segments of the match. By the looks of it you can reorder them easily, or remove unwanted segments. @01:22 - Between segments, you can choose your custom transition (cut/fade/etc) @01:22 - "FREE-FOR-ALL on Launch" - Map name? Probably (Thanks Predator ») @01:23 - Save your film with a title and description.